Monthly Archives: June 2011

This Week I Love …

…¬† linen knits.

My hatred for woven linen is well documented here on the blog. I own exactly one piece – a bright blue tunic from Boden’s 2005 summer offerings. And I love the color and the cut, but generally wear it once per summer and then want to SET IT ON FIRE. I am far more comfortable with use-wrinkles than I probably ought to be. I often look like a human accordion once I get home from a day at the office. But a garment that wrinkles the very second it hits my bod? Oh no. No, no, no indeed to that. read more

Daily Outfit: 6/29/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 6/29/11 featuring brown shirt dress

Shirt dress, Land’s End (no longer available) – similar stylesimilar (shorter hemline)
Belt, courtesy Elizabeth Kelly
Chrysocolla necklace, self-made – similar
Shoes, John Fluevog (no longer available) – similar

I decided days ago that these underutilized Mary Janes needed an outing, and assembled this outfit around them. On first glance, it looked decidedly autumnal, so I threw the chrysocolla necklace into the mix to lighten it up. Now it’s autumnal with a side order of chrysocolla necklace. read more

Body Underdogs

These are my ankles. I love my ankles. I love them more than usual when they’re balanced above these glorious Marni platform sandals, but even when they’re not, they still get loads of love from me. They’re sturdy and flexible, but simultaneously delicate and elegant. They pair equally well with chunky platforms and ankle boots, flat sandals and towering pumps. They make capris and cigarette pants look sophisticated and ladylike. They’ve never been broken or even twisted, despite my relentlessly catastrophic clumsiness. They just plain rock. read more