Monthly Archives: May 2011


Today is Husband Mike‘s birthday.

His favorite color is plaid.
His favorite month is fall.
His favorite number is 3,000.

He is kind and patient and curious and hilarious and supportive and amazing. He has taught me that marriage means working as a team, and that being a spouse means being a partner. He cooks, he lets me have our tiny one-car garage for my car, he talks to our cats, he never gets mad when I’m late. He helps sick, poor, and vulnerable people at his day job, then takes gorgeous photos in his spare time. He puts up with my moods, showers me with praise, and is my #2 fan. (He says he can’t hold a candle to my mom, which is probably true.) read more

Lovely Links: 5/27/11

It’s been a rough week, weather-wise. A tornado touched down mere blocks from my house over the weekend, and my neighborhood is still a shambles. (I’ve donated here.) And, of course, even more deadly storms ripped through Missouri and Alabama. Racialicious has a great list of ways to help.

I’m thrilled to have another post up at The Frisky! This time, I wrote about dressing vs. dieting, a topic that is close to my heart.

Imogen of InsideOut Style contributed this stellar guest post at You Look Fab about dressing a larger bust. read more

Comfort vs. Style on the Weekends


Allow me to make myself unpopular: I don’t believe that comfort trumps style on the weekends. I don’t believe we should eschew all things polished and structured in favor of all things soft and comfy just because the work week is on temporary hiatus. I don’t believe that blazers and heels are punishments while jeans and sneaks are rewards. I DO believe that mixing a few refined – and possibly mildly uncomfortable – pieces into your casual looks will help kick your casual style into high gear. read more