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Lovely Links: 2/25/11

Hey Twin Cities! You MUST head over to Hell’s Kitchen to check out the newest collection from local designer Samantha Rei of Blasphemina’s Closet. I’ve seen her work, and drooled and drooled and drooled. Plus my girl Kristin did the jewelry for this show!

Simon Doonan rocks. He really does. And his explanation of fashion week shenanigans is an absolute hoot. (Thanks, Amirali!)

I nearly fell out of my chair when I caught sight of this ensemble. Who knew tapestry pants could be so chic? READ MORE

1,001 Uses for Fashion Tape

OK, OK, I exaggerate. Though perhaps I should keep a running list and eventually publish a book titled 1,001 Uses for Fashion Tape. I could make a fortune, people!

In the meantime, here are a handful of quick and easy uses for fashion tape to tide you over. Don’t go thinking that this invention exists for the sole purpose of preventing celebrity nipple slips. No indeed, double-sided fabric-friendly tape is incredibly versatile and almost infinitely useful, as my hyperbolic post title implies. I keep a little tin on my person at all times and another in my jewelry box at home. It comes in handy approximately once a week, I swear. I’ve seen it sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond on occasion, but I get mine from Amazon. And I buy in bulk. READ MORE