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Reader Request: Incorporating Colorful Shoes

How to wear colorful shoes

An anonymous commenter said:

I’d be thrilled if you could talk about how you choose shoe styles and shoe colors to go with the rest of the outfit. I only recently become bold enough to buy shoes that weren’t black and by not black, I mean brown, gray, and beige/cream. I’m very unsure about how to approach colors as well as styles. Like how do you determine whether a pair of shoes goes with a skirt/dress, pants, or both?

Oooh, fun, fun, fun! I’m a huge fan of bright footwear and believe that there are many reasons to move beyond black shoes and embrace vibrant tones. For starters, colorful shoes are fantastic way to wear colors that don’t play nicely with your complexion; Yellow sweaters may make you look ill, but yellow shoes will just make you look bold. Colorful shoes allow you to wear conservative clothing, but still let your quirky side peek through. Bright shoes are a fabulous way to incorporate more color variety into your wardrobe and daily wear. And besides all that, they’re just plain fun. Times three. As indicated by my semi-coherent introductory sentence. read more

Lovely Links: 1/28/11


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If you’re having a particularly rough time keeping body positive, try asking yourself these six essential questions. They’re not easy, but they’ll have you digging deep. read more

Suggestion Box

Although I am ALWAYS open to reader suggestions, it’s been a damned long time since I opened up the box, here. I wanted to make sure that every last one of your requests from the last suggestion box got addressed. And by now they either have been addressed, or will be addressed in the next few weeks. Whew.

So! Any suggestions for advice-y, how-to, tutorial type things you’d like to see me blather about? Or really anything you’d like to see more of or less of?

I’d love to know what you’re most interested in, so lay those suggestions on me. If you would rather e-mail than comment, just drop me a note! read more