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Already Pretty’s Greatest Hits 2010

Originally posted 2010-12-31 07:20:53.

Lovely Links: 12/23/10

A bit early this week, for holiday reasons!

Holy cats, I got a shout-out from! Woo hoo! Huge thanks to beautiful Alice Bradley for her kind words.

Have you ever felt pressured to tan? Real, spray, or any other kind? I got a hilarious e-mail once from someone who said I should really lose 40 pounds and get a tan … I found both recommendations equally amusing.

Not only do Jenny’s tights have POM-POMS on them, but her entire outfit was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen. Because that’s how the world’s most cerebral fashionista rolls. read more

This Week I Love …

… cashmere. In NON-sweater format.

I’m a sweaty little being, and my perspiration is of the stanky variety. This means that my cashmere sweaters can be worn approximately 1.5 times before they smell like the inside of a 6th grade boy’s gym locker. I often layer tees beneath my cashmere sweaters so they last between cleanings, but that defeats the purpose! Cashmere should be close to the skin! Soft, cozy, warm, and lovely … right up on yas.

And so, I’ve been on the hunt for cashmere items that won’t come into contact with my pits. Such as: read more