Monthly Archives: October 2010

Halloween Regrets

I’m guessing this photo was taken in 2001. My mom helped with the crown and wristbands, but I did everything else. Cut out the eagle from a piece of gold lame, thrifted the skirt and bought the stars from a craft store, glued ’em on, bought the gold rope and strung it on my belt loop.

WHY oh WHY did I get rid of this costume? When I was about 5, Mom made me a Wonder Woman costume. I wore it to nursery school. Like I wore it to nursery school every single day she’d let me until it fell apart. Clearly, there should be a homemade Wonder Woman costume in my life at all times, just in case. read more

Lovely Links 10/29/10

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the marvelous folks at Minnesota Monthly for their November issue!

Also got a really lovely write-up on METRO Magazine’s website. Hot cha!

Thanks to Margarita for introducing me to Faces of Beauty, a blog that posts a new reader-submitted photo each day with a reader-submitted blurb about journeys toward self-love and acceptance. Marvelous. Simply marvelous.

I actually swore with jealousy on seeing Jentine’s bubble-hem trench. And get this: She thrifted it! read more

Daily Outfit: 10/25/10

Red bolero, from a dress set Navy sheath, thrifted Silk obi, gift fromĀ Kristin Red suede pumps, Tsubo Amset, courtesy Tsubo Bracelet, thrifted Earrings, Swirly Keen, courtesy April Kawaoka

When Kristin and I met up for a shopping date a few weeks back, she gave me this lovely reversible silk obi. She made it herself, which just adds to its existing reservoir of awesome. I love that it allows me to pair navy and red without looking like a sailor wannabe.