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An Argument for Self-love

love yourself
So many women default to self-loathing. Or, at the very least, self-neutrality. Pride is a sin, after all, and it’s more socially acceptable to trash-talk your own body than it is to praise it. Our society has conflated humility with self-deprecation, which makes open acknowledgment of your own beauty, power, and worth absolutely taboo.

But there are so many reasons to cultivate self-love, so many reasons to let go of loathing. I talk a lot about how to love yourself here, but today let’s talk about why. READ MORE

Daily Outfit: 8/24/10

Dress, thrifted Shoes, John FluevogPearl bracelets, self-made

Simple, fun … and a complete repeat. I can’t remember the last time I wore this dress, but when I did, it was with these exact shoes and these exact bracelets. Today I wanted an outfit that included sleeves, closed-toed shoes, and a washable top. And thus, a pre-tested outfit got worn again.

Pretty sure this dress was handmade as a theater costume. When I bought it, the only “tag” was a piece of masking tape that said “Laura” stuck to the inside of the collar. (I think it was “Laura” …) READ MORE

Lovely Links: 8/20/10

Geena Davis is one of the few women in Hollywood speaking up about how women are represented in the media.

Superawesome cosmetics guru Beauty Bets interviewed me about my favorite beauty products!

And for more cosmetics wisdom, check out Yes and Yes’s first podcast, makeup made fun. Beauty Bets is her guest there, too.

Ever feel like your body is a mystery?

Here’s a stylish reminder that monochromatic looks needn’t be head-to-toe, so long as you make sure all your non-neutrals are the same shade. READ MORE