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Suggestion Box

Time again to open up the suggestion box! Any suggestions for advice-y, how-to, tutorial type things you’d like to see me blather about? Especially for fall and winter? Or really anything you’d like to see more of or less of?

If you’ve left a suggestion before – for the box, or in the comments of another post – and I’ve overlooked your request, please, please, please let me know. I try to get to them all, but some fall through the cracks.

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Daily Outfit: 7/29/10

Pink slub cotton tee, thriftedBrown skirt, The Mexican Shop, shortenedSilk scarf, Echo DesignBronze peeptoes, Bandolino via 6pmBracelet, Fossil via Herberger’s

This is, in fact, a different brown skirt than the one I wore yesterday. It must be Unintentional Brown Skirt Week or something.

What is it about a silk square knotted close that SCREAMS “French lady”?

And that’s all I’ve got. Been kinda sick all week and I think the germs have finally reached my brain …

Daily Outfit: 7/27/10

White tee, Amazon Khaki skirt, eBayPlatforms, Nine WestBlack necklace pile, various sources

If my mom were here, she’d say that it’s, “hot as blue blazes.” I’m not sure if other temperatures merit other colors of blazes, but it is, in fact, HORRIFYINGLY hot and humid here today. As in heat index of 105 degrees and staggering humidity. So I dressed lightly and simply. And in a machine-washable top to accommodate the excessive sweating.