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Guest Post: K.Line on the Elements of a Great Bra

Irene e-mailed me with this plea:

I read sewing blogs (my regained passion) and I always come across the same advice: get a good bra, one that fits, elevates and makes what a good bra is supposed to do. Well, I think always “duh” but when I look in my drawers I don’t like what I see (too big, too small, padded bras that put the 50’s bullets to shame and the only bra that actually fits it’s long past it’s due date).

Now, I know that a trip to a well stocked shop is a must and that I must try 1,000 models and cups before I can find the right one. Asking specialized advice at the shop is not an option, since the 20-year-old girls attending seem to have even less experience than I do. So, my question is: What exactly is a good bra, what should I be focusing on when shopping, how do I recognize it? Mind you, I’m not asking for brands or types, I know every woman has a different bust, but a bit of guidance would be nice. read more

Daily Outfit: 6/29/10

Leopard wrap dress, seamsclassicRed jade necklace, BellinaRed bangles, thriftedRed suede pumps, Tsubo Amset

Here’s an outfit I’ve been planning to wear for at least a week, but somehow conditions were never quite right. Until today!

I love leopard and red together. I feel like it’s a classic combination, and always sassy. But I’m looking for other colors that pair well with this rich, brown leopard print. Any suggestions?

Daily Outfit: 6/28/10

Navy floral sundress, courtesy Talbots – click to find out more, and for a chance to win a $250 Talbots gift card for yourself!Yellow polka-dot bangle, Rice and Beans VintageYellow peep-toes, Aldo

True summer has finally hit Minnesota, and I am embracing it with both arms! I love all the colors in this print, and can envision many ways to pull them out, but yellow accents seemed the most cheerful and hot-weather appropriate today.