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Lovely Links: 5/28/10

Sorry so late! We’ve been on the road all day …

Holy moly, people, have you seen COLOURlovers? The site is aimed at graphic and interior designers, but we creative dressers can utilize it for color inspiration, too. Go to search/palettes, and type in a keyword like dramatic, or bubbly, or zany. You’ll be astonished by the variety of suggested color combos. And, hopefully, inspired to craft some outfits around them. (Huge thanks to Brande for sending this site my way!)

Long, dark maxi skirts are being touted as an antidote to minis. And lots of other deeply philosophical stuff that I’m not sure I buy into … but hey, I loves me a maxi. (Via The Cohabitating Closet.) read more

Daily Outfit: 5/26/10

Jersey dress, TulleBlack bangle, Electric Foetus in DuluthOnyx necklace, PufflunaBlack sandals, Dansko

I TOLD you I scored big at that Tulle sale. This dress is actually my favorite of the haul. It’s comfy, cute, and one of my all-time favorite colors. And it was $3. Also great for shoving into my bike bag – it’s practically a ready-made outfit! Far less colorful than yesterday’s ensemble, I know, but still within the black-out rules. More daring combos to come, I swear …

My necklace was actually a bit long for the available space and closes with an open hook clasp, so I used a hairband to shorten it up. You won’t often see me in a choker, but it seemed to work best much closer to my throat. read more

This Week I Love …

… summery scarves.

I know that people have been wearing scarves year-round since the invention of scarves but I still feel like light, airy scarves designed for warm weather wear are a relatively new convention. Am I nuts? Have summery scarves been hip for eons and I just wasn’t paying attention?

Regardless, I always feel more comfortable when my neck is covered, so I adore wrapping myself in a gauzy cotton confection even in the sweltering heat. Especially since my office can get positively frigid … read more