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Lovely Links: 4/30/10 UPDATED

Forget monochrome. Queen Michelle shows us head-to-toe fringe, florals, and lace.

The NYT reports some backlash against nip-tucks and Botox in Hollywood casting agencies these days.

Finsk, you’re breaking my heart with these booties.

I love Jen Larsen with a passion that borders on the obscene. And I cannot WAIT to read her new book, which chronicles her journey through bariatric surgery, massive weight loss, and hard-won self-discovery. But for now, I’ll settle for this interview with her, and discussion of the “skinny dream”. read more

Daily Outfit: 4/26/10

Turquoise bolero, Tulle Floral dress, Liberty of London for TargetGreen pumps, CamperBangles, Fringe

Seriously, people, could it GET any springier than this?

That big pinkish tree behind my head in the first shot is in our neighbor’s yard and only blooms for about three days per year. But when it does? Such gorgeousness. I pray for dry weather because one good rainstorm and all of those petals vanish.

I’m a little be-petaled myself today. And matchy-matchy to boot. It’s not often you can make your green shoes with lavender heels match perfectly to your frock.

Shit! Someone turned me into a bunny! HALP! And hey, doesn’t

Husband Mike read more

Love This Body

Two weeks ago, I received a wake-up call from the Universe. It came in the form of an irregular MRI of my brain.

I’d been experiencing vertigo, some numbness in my back and arm, and a few other weird symptoms for a few months and finally got scared enough to talk to my doc. He promptly found a heart murmur. He sent me in for an echocardiogram and brain MRI. The following day, he called to say the heart murmur was innocent but there were shadows on my brain and I needed to speak with a neurologist. He had no real information for me, and said the specialist would explain. He told me not to worry, or let it ruin my weekend. read more