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Lovely Links: 4/30/10 UPDATED

Forget monochrome. Queen Michelle shows us head-to-toe fringe, florals, and lace.

The NYT reports some backlash against nip-tucks and Botox in Hollywood casting agencies these days.

Finsk, you’re breaking my heart with these booties.

I love Jen Larsen with a passion that borders on the obscene. And I cannot WAIT to read her new book, which chronicles her journey through bariatric surgery, massive weight loss, and hard-won self-discovery. But for now, I’ll settle for this interview with her, and discussion of the “skinny dream”. READ MORE

Dealing with Trash Talk, Part 2

trash talk body bashing

Read Part I right here!

Reader Laura wrote recently about HER experiences with body-based trash talking. In this case, a bit more self-focused.

… it can be difficult to maintain [a] healthy mentality when I am constantly bombarded by others commenting on their own/my/other people’s bodies. I have a group of several co-workers that I regularly spend time with. For various reasons the topic of conversation regularly turns to our bodies. It usually takes one of two forms, someone bashing their own body, or complimenting another on a certain aspect of another’s, often along the lines of “you lost weight and therefore look good.” Both of these make me uncomfortable, as the aspects that they are bashing of their own body are often in better shape than mine, and because I feel that commenting on anyone’s body is inappropriate when done to the extent that my co-workers do. READ MORE

Dealing with Trash Talk, Part 1

body bashing trash talk

Read Part II right here!

Reader R. has written to me a couple of times and I would like to adopt her as my sister. She is a kind and contemplative young woman and my correspondence with her is always thought-provoking and rewarding for us both. She wrote to me recently with some concerns about trash talking, and since it’s a behavior that ALL of us have dealt with at one time or another, I wanted to share some of our conversation with you all. And, of course, gather your input and thoughts on this touchy subject. READ MORE