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Daily Outfit: 3/31/10

Asymmetric sweater, Ruby Messiah in Hobart, Tasmania Rose sweater shell, Ann Taylor Loft Khaki full skirt, Gap Gray pumps, Tsubo Acrea Leaf dangle earrings, Target

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: This sweater is my prized possession. Yes, it’s a bit frillier than my everyday style, but I am still 100% enamored of it five years after its purchase.

I bought it off the back of a salesclerk in a boutique in Hobart, Tasmania, and at the time it was the most expensive piece in my wardrobe. And worth every penny.

Our neighborhood is generally absolutely empty when HM and I do photos, but for the first time tonight, we had some onlookers. A couple of construction dudes who looked extremely curious/suspicious. But when I waved big and friendly at them, they waved big and friendly right back. Maybe I should’ve gone over and given them a business card for the blog … READ MORE

Online Shopping Cheat Sheet

Tips for being a savvy online shopper

I brag a lot about my ability to track down virtually any product online. OK, brag might be a bit strong since I seldom talk about this subject aloud. But I’m quietly proud of this shopping skill, and thought I’d share some of my techniques to see if they’re universally employed or Sal-centric.

When I’m looking for something online, I always start with the Big Four:

  1. Google Shopping: ANYTIME you want to purchase something, check Google shopping first. If it’s a specific, named item – like a pair of Dolce Vita Pela sandals – this is especially wise, since related retailers may be offering different prices for the same item. If you’re looking for a category of item, like paperbag-waist pants, also search. The shopping tool is limited, but will still introduce a few vendors into the mix that you’d never have thought of on your own.
  2. eBay: This is a post unto itself, but here’s the short and sweet: If you missed out on an item when it was being sold retail, it is likely to be somewhere on eBay. If you’re looking for something super trendy or runway reminiscent – like gladiator sandals or leather track pants – eBay will sell you vintage and used versions for pennies on the dollar. Check vendor feedback and don’t go with anyone less than 100% if you’re super skittish (I go as low as 97% myself).
  3. Amazon: I remember when Amazon sold books, and books only. I’ve bought green tea, cosmetics, and cheese curds (for my gran) from them. And they often have amazing deals on clothing, shoes, and accessories. Check Amazon for any and everything.
  4. Etsy: I have nearly endless patience when I’m questing for something, and will pore over 65 pages of search results. Not everyone has that kind of stamina. But Etsy’s vintage offerings are amazing, handmade goods are often reasonably priced, and accessories are unbearably fun. If you don’t see what you want but think someone could make it, find a similar item and ask the vendor about customization.

For those who are skittish about shopping online, here are some general tips: READ MORE

Daily Outfit: 3/30/10

Red vintage dress, thrifted Silk scarf, Rice and Beans VintageGreen suede platforms, SeychellesBrooch, thriftedSnaky silver belt, thrifted at ARC’s Value Village

I think of this as my stewardess dress. Even though I haven’t seen a stewardess in anything similar since I was five. And even then, I might’ve just superimposed photos of vintage airline attendants onto my actual memories.

I’ve wanted to try wearing a scarf like this for ages, but it never quite worked. Until now! I think it looks fabulously funky draped over one shoulder like that.

Also: NO TIGHTS! After all my hesitation, it felt glorious to show the world my blindingly white gams today. Freeeeeedoooooooom! READ MORE