Monthly Archives: February 2010

Feline Interlude: SUSPENDED

A couple of months ago, I bought Rowan a hammock. See, Rowan is an Elder Stateskitty at 15 years old and I’ve started to really pamper her. I noticed that she goes out of her way to sit suspended. For instance, if HM and I are watching a movie with a blanket over us, she’ll sit on the blanket BETWEEN our knees. She basically hammocks the blanket herself.

Now, as you fellow cat owners undoubtedly know, cats generally shun anything purchased for them. Why play on that $350 cat jungle gym when there are PAPER BAGS TO SIT IN? So I worried that Ro would completely ignore her hammock. read more

Lovely Links: February 26

Kudos to Mark Fast for using some plus-sized models in his runway show. Raspberries to Mark Fast for giving Crystal Renn an ill-fitting, unflattering dress that made her look like misery embodied.

I realize my birthday is … well, 11 months off, but I sure would like this outfit in its entirety.

Kelly dishes up advice on what to wear when you are large-of-boob. This post is chock-full of shopping resources, my dears!

A love letter to the Walgreens cosmetics section. Seriously, who doesn’t love a little trip to The Greens? read more

Ask the Chics: Fashion in Academia

Last month, I asked you lovely folks to submit your questions about fashion in academia for guest post fodder. S, E, and A (from left to right above) of Academichic have graciously answered many of them, but since there were so many fabulous questions, a few had to be skipped. I’m only going to post a handful of answers here, and the remainder will go live on Academichic within the next few weeks, so stay tuned! If your question went unanswered, be sure to drop a line to the Chics or stop by their blog. They’d be happy to respond. read more