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Lovely Links: January 29

Yoiks. Jessica at What I Wore opened up ANOTHER can of commenting worms by bringing jealousy into the mix. Here’s her initial comment policy post, in case you missed it, although it now appears that she has closed comments and removed all comments from both of these posts. I have been working on a piece about commenting and this whole controversy and will post it Monday morning.

Andrea is a bona-fide goddess of thrift shopping, and she’s sharing her strategies! Check out: part I, part II, part III (which is especially awesome, as it contains tips on spotting true vintage garments), part IV. READ MORE

Ex-squeeze Me?

So I’m curious: How do you feel about lumpage and bumpage? As in, are you willing to tolerate tights or panties or jeans that squeeze your midsection into … well, sections? When you pull on a pair of tights, do you suffer from Segmented Worm Syndrome, and tolerate it? Do you just accept that some bras are going to dig into your backflesh and wear thicker shirts to mask it?

Because let me tell you, I have ZERO TOLERANCE for such things. Oh, all right, I get segmented by my tights sometimes. But I hate it passionately and tug on them constantly and would rather have a pair that comes up to my bra-line than one that sits at my waist and squeezes. I buy my thongs in XXL because I cannot abide divided hipflesh. And I’ll own up to occasionally purchasing bras that don’t fit because it drives me bonkers to have a lumpy back. (Don’t turn me in to the Fashion Police, please.) READ MORE

Reader Request: Flattering the Petite, Curvy Figure

How to dress petite curvy or petite plus size figures

LynnieBee had this plea:

I was wondering if you could blog about some dressing tips for short curvy girls? Tips on how to elongate the line of your body, emphasize curves without looking lumpy, you know, that kind of thing. That would be awesome!

I had a few folks seconding the motion, so I could hardly refuse!

Monochrome outfits

A petite woman looks even smaller when she divides her body into chunks, which happens when tops and bottoms are in drastically different color families. Nothing creates a nice, unbroken line like a broad wash of a single shade. Now, don’t go thinking this can only mean “head-to-toe black.” Monochrome means one color, but it can be ANY color. Create an ensemble that is all shades of blue, or red, or gray, right down to the shoes. Mix in a few textures and multiple tonal values so you don’t look like you’ve been dunked in a tank of RIT dye. READ MORE