Monthly Archives: December 2009

Lesson Plan for Psychology of Eating and Body Image

A bit before Thanksgiving, I had the incredible honor of co-teaching a freshman seminar on the Psychology of Eating and Body Image with stupendously awesome Traci Mann. It was her class and I got to sit in and lead the discussion for the day.

I reeeeeeeally wanted to videotape the class so you guys could get a peek, but Traci pointed out that, since this is pretty personal stuff, the students might be less inclined to open up and be frank if they knew they were on camera. So we didn’t record it. But when I tweeted about it, I got a lot of responses so I thought I’d do the next best thing and post my lesson plan here. read more

Lovely Links: December 25

Learn about the rise of the Flapper. (Via Yum and Yuk.)

Has anyone taken a peek at the discussion about Jessica’s Code of Comments over at What I Wore? I’m curious to hear what you all think of some of her reader assertions.

One of these models is “plus sized.” Or so they tell me. (Interesting commentary on this editorial here.)

Spot-on fashion travel tips for anyone planning a visit to a warm clime.

If, like me, you’re waiting eagerly for the post-Christmas sales, might I suggest you sign up for Shop It To Me? Still convinced it’s the best service of its kind. read more

This Week I Love …

Red Dress Shoppe. I found out about this little online boutique from Audi, and I am perpetually enamored of their fun, retro-influenced offerings. Anthropologie-level cuteness at Gap prices, people. What could be better?

Anna Dress$58 “Memphis Blue” Dress$89 “Dolce” Mod Dress$29 Gwen dress$58

The blouses and skirts are darling, too. I’d happily take one of every item in this store!