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Lovely Links: October 30

Still have mixed feelings about the Campaign for Real Beauty, but dang, this Dove/Wal-Mart commercial is DARLING. And a simple, earnest reinforcement of self-acceptance. (Courtesy Lemon Love.)

Sarah Von has written a survival guide to days when you feel like you’ve been hit upside the head with an ugly stick.

Where do we draw the line between “diligence” and “obsession” when it comes to healthy living?

Eco-friendly styles really are getting more and more covetable. Jennine spotlights a Canadian line that is breathtakingly gorgeous and, sadly, breathtakingly expensive. But great eye-candy! read more

Reader Request: The Organized Wishlist

McKristie had this request:

… perhaps a tutorial on how you organize your ideas/finds/wants, when it comes to fashion – Between the web, magazines, things I overhear I have a hard time keeping track of it and will find an idea 6 months later that I could have used.

We’re all wired a bit differently, and I’ve heard some great ideas for how a fashionable femme can keep her wish lists and inspirational images neat and tidy. Some keep them stashed in folders on hard drives, some maintain bookmark lists in their browsers, some make inspiration boards. Whatever is fun, easy, and sustainable for you is your best bet. read more

Would I Like This to Be Me?

Long before we’re old enough to do anything on our own, we’re old enough to dress ourselves. When we stand bewildered in a closet or a department store dressing room, what we’re confronting is one of life’s fundamental questions: Is this me? And: Would I like this to be me? Under what stretch of the imagination might this possibly be me? And finally: Who am I? … Clothes are a constant act of self-definition …

~ Nora Ephron, Elle Magazine guest editor, October 2009 read more