Monthly Archives: September 2009

Reader Request: Fashion as Crutch


My girl The Budget Babe sent along this truly puzzling question:

can clothing give you a false sense of security? and if so, should we be relying on that “it” bag or those high heels or that red lipstick to make us feel secure? or should we work up to the point where we’re completely confident looking like crap and then start adding the layers?

I had to think about this for a damn long time before I could formulate any kind of response, and I’m still a little wobbly about it. But here are my initial thoughts: READ MORE

Lovely Links: September 25

Remember this weird vest that I bought? Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own out of an old tee.

Susan Wagner discusses the use of plus-sized models at the Mark Fast runway show last weekend.

Super Kawaii Mama weighs in on being an impeccably-dressed parent … and the bizarre feud that has sprung up between “Slummy Mummies and Yummy Mummies.” (You can bet your ass that’s not my terminology. Nor SKM’s.)

Hillary wants to know why people lie about dress size. Me too. READ MORE