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Outfit Roundup: Week of September 13

Now with fewer outfits! Click to enlarge.

Black bolero, Ann Taylor Purple jersey dress, Banana Republic Leopard print belt, thrifted at ARC’s Value Village Chunky chain bracelet, thrifted at Abigail Page Antique Mall Black patent heels, Vince Camuto Heaven via Solestruck This dress is so cute and sassy, but it always felt a little childish to me … until I realized the wide waistband was just BEGGING to be belted! All grown up now. Mondo leopard-print scarf via chickdowntown White American Apparel tee via

Yque read more

Lovely Links: September 25

Remember this weird vest that I bought? Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own out of an old tee.

Susan Wagner discusses the use of plus-sized models at the Mark Fast runway show last weekend.

Super Kawaii Mama weighs in on being an impeccably-dressed parent … and the bizarre feud that has sprung up between “Slummy Mummies and Yummy Mummies.” (You can bet your ass that’s not my terminology. Nor SKM’s.)

Hillary wants to know why people lie about dress size. Me too. read more

Who Are Your Influences?

style-influencesA question often asked of musicians, but can just as easily be put to ANYONE interested in style, clothing, dressing, and associated things:

Who are your influences? Who would you say has had the most profound impact on your personal style? Parents? Sibs? Celebs? Friends? Coworkers?

My mom has been a major influence on my style for much of my life, although more so early on. I’ve mentioned that she’s made me countless dresses over the years, and having that collaborative relationship right there at home – picking out patterns and cloth together, getting her advice on fit and flattery – was an amazing gift. We are very different body shapes, have different tastes, and are (obviously) from different generations, but I’d cite her as my first and most important influence. Even before I knew I liked clothes, I knew I liked contributing my small piece to the dresses she made me. And I realize now that I absorbed a lot of information about construction and design during those brainstorming sessions. read more