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Random Outfit Roundup: August, Part II

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Yellow plaid shirt, via chickdowntown Denim pencil skirt, thrifted Boots, via spandexpony‘s Etsy Chunky chain necklace, thrifted

Cowgirl Sal rides again! This is my kinda Casual Friday outfit: A little bit dressy, a little bit funky. If it were an actual weekend, I’d probably pick a less polished-looking denim skirt … but in this iteration, I can head to the office feeling comfy, casual, and chic.

Olive green tee, American Apparel via Yque Suede skirt, thrifted Wood and metal necklace, thrifted Bangle, thrifted Strappy sandals, Dr. Scholl’s

This suede skirt got thrifted back in April, but this outfit was its wearing debut. I still adore my pencil skirts, but am drawn more and more to full skirts, so I feel that this little cutie will get plenty of wear throughout the fall and winter. I love it here with the fitted tee and chunky jewelry, but can totally see it with heavy tights and tall boots, too. read more

Dance. It Does a Body Good: A Guest Post from Lisa

I’ve been reading the blog Solo Lisa for a good long time now, and it never fails to impress me. Lisa strikes me as an incredibly smart, savvy, chic, modern woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t wait for an invitation to run out and grab it. She is colossally busy, yet manages to cook up insightful and entertaining posts on a daily basis. Essentially, we’re talking about a powerhouse here.

One of the things I’ve learned from Lisa’s comments on MY body image posts, is that she is an avid salsa dancer, and never feels more fabulous about her bod than when she’s moving to the music. So I asked her to write a little about the connection between salsa and self-love, and boy did she ever deliver! read more

And Now, a Word from Paul Smith

So here’s the story: When Husband Mike and I were visiting Audi in San Francisco back in April, we spent an afternoon tootling around the Union Square shopping district. I visited my first Mango, HM drooled over the clothes (and rock star photos) at John Varvatos, and we both had a rather Alice in Wonderland-like experience at Paul Smith.

(A quick aside: I love Paul Smith’s designs. I love them from afar, but with a fiery hot passion. Someday, I’ll be able to afford something other than socks, and that day will be a happy one. Now, on with our story.) read more