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Random Outfit Roundup: July

Hot pink tee, American Apparel via Yque White skirt, Banana Republic Orange pumps, Perlina Celebrity via Endless Necklace, Patina years and years ago

I’ve been wanting to do hot pink and orange together since spring, but got hung up on the fact that I didn’t have a pink top that went with my orange bottoms, or vice versa. Then, PING! I realized I could just throw some white into the mix.

These orange pumps are new and they are astoundingly comfy. First day out, walked all over the damn place, didn’t feel a thing.

White Blazer, Ann Taylor Loft White tank, Esprit Denim pencil skirt, thrifted Gray platforms, Kenneth Cole Rocky Canyon Chalk turquoise necklace, a street vendor in SF

I wore this to HM’s gallery opening this month. I once described these shoes as “surprisingly comfortable” to Trinknitty. She scoffed. And after standing around a gallery for two hours in them I hear what she’s saying. read more

Bikini as Object Lesson

I’ve said many times that I’m a fairly modest gal. Not afraid to show off the bits I’m proud of, by any stretch … but also not interested in revealing tons of skin or wearing super tight duds. And, as such, I always figured that one-piece swimsuits were my only option. They generally offered the most coverage, and always felt like the best bet for someone who wanted to be as inconspicuous as possible whilst paddling ’round the pool.

But one-piece suits do nothing for me. OK, strike that, they do all sorts of things for me, but all of them are BAD. They flatten my already-teensy boobs, they mask my smallish waist, they cut into my hip-flab in a most unsightly manner, and when I disguise that by wearing board shorts, I just look like a tree trunk. A flat-chested, waistless tree trunk paddling unhappily ’round the pool. read more

This week I love …

… asymmetry.

Anything that looks half-this and half-that, unevenly spaced, kittywampus. It all gives off such a modern, funky, undone vibe.

Uneven Sleeves Tee¬£22Luphia(Just ordered this yesterday – cannot WAIT to wear it!) Camper Twins$75.906pm Sunrise Romper(Wow, I posted a romper. And I’m not even conflicted about it.Just LOOK at that thing, why don’t you?)$174Emily Ryan The Bella$78Dana LeBlanc Belfry Mea Asymmetric Sisal Cloche$78Hats in the Belfry Asymmetric tee$20Yesstyle (A gold mine for all things asymmetric!)