Monthly Archives: May 2009

Designer Discretion

This might just be the only piece of Burberry I’ll ever be able to afford. It’s a sunglass case, and I bought it on eBay for $9.95. Know what’s inside?


I got sick to death of those ridiculously delicate plastic coverings getting shredded by the contents of my purse or makeup bag, and simply didn’t want to buy something that LOOKED like a tampon case. So I began seeking an alternative. I knew I needed a case with a hard shell, something fairly large and long, and something that wouldn’t take up tons of room in my handbag. A standard eyeglass case would be too small, but this big ol’ designer sunglass case – meant for housing fly-eye sunnies – has plenty of room for three tampons. Plus I can grab it from my handbag and walk from my desk to the office restroom without giving myself away. Brilliant! read more

Random Outfit Roundup: May

I’m experimenting with new settings and poses (FINALLY), so click on any image to enlarge for details. You know, in case you want to check for frizzies or dirt under my nails or anything …

Khaki blazer, thrifted Silvery gray dress, thrifted Cereza necklace via Etsy vendor Bellina Red Tsubo Acreas

Gee, seems like May was the month of the blazer. I blame the girls at Academic Chic, who CONSTANTLY sport blazer-based looks that are unbearably sleek and sophisticated. It’s because of them that I began to feel that my two black blazers and weird-shade-of-brown one were woefully inadequate, and because of them that I landed this figure-friendly little beaut at my local Savers. This outfit is all your fault, E., S., and A.! read more