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Random Outfit Roundup: April

Dusty rose tank, Nine West via Marshalls Oyster-white pants, Express via Turn Style Grey Suede booties Nine West via Rose-fastener sweater via a little shop in Hobart, Tasmania

This sweater is, hands down, my most beloved and prized piece of clothing. I bought it at a shop called Ruby Messiah in Hobart, Tasmania, almost exactly four years ago and knew upon purchase it it would likely be the prettiest thing I’d ever be lucky enough to own. I love it with these oyster-colored pants, but the pants themselves are tricky: light colored, and pretty long which means they must be worn on warm AND dry days only. And the sweater is so delicate that I only trot it out a couple of times a year. But when I do, kittens, it’s a good, good day. Nothing makes me feel more princessy than my gorgeous Tas sweater. read more

Lauren Greenfield and "Girl Culture"

Several years ago, photographer Lauren Greenfield brought a portion of her “Girl Culture” exhibit to the now-defunct Minneapolis Center for Photography. As you know, I am married to a photographer and I am deeply invested in matters of girl culture … so we went.

I will admit to being the kind of exhibit-viewer who typically examines, evaluates, and moves on. Unless I am curious about a specific aspect of a piece, I seldom read placards and artist statements, preferring to just absorb the visuals. But at this exhibit, I read EVERY WORD. The images were incredibly compelling, but the stories behind them made them all the more moving. Body image, sexuality, identity, strength, fear, sisterhood, betrayal … it was all there, people. All documented, illustrated, and presented with an amazing combination of detachment and tenderness. read more

Reader Request: A Guide to Pants Length

(View the 2014 update on this post here.)

Lovely lady Carrie wrote in with this request:

I know this has been tangentially addressed a couple of times, but I’d be uber grateful for a post on the complete rules for pants length! Does it differ for non-jeans? Touching the floor or “grazing” the floor? How short is “take it to the thrift shop STAT” short?

Well now, HERE’S a subject that I’m tickled to tackle! While some aspects of trouser length are a matter of taste, I believe there are some basic guidelines we should all bear in mind when purchasing pants. read more