Monthly Archives: March 2009

Reader Request: The Brooch Necklace

I got quite a few compliments and questions about this massive necklace when I first posted these photos and I was super flattered because, believe it or else, I MADE this bad boy! And most of the stuff I make either falls apart or looks like a pile of ass. I feel pretty confident that this necklace looks, instead, like a pile of awesome.

However, the making process was my usual string of slapdash, poorly-planned steps. I’ll give you the lowdown since several people asked, and request that you refrain from giggling at my amateurish ways. read more

My Fashion Confessions

Although I hand-wash my bras every Sunday, I put my tights in the washing machine. And the dryer. My heather gray pair is now approximately as tall as ME.

I have never watched a single episode of “Project Runway,” have only caught “Top Model” in occasional reruns, and worship Trinny and Susannah via their books only.

I cannot iron. I send stuff out to get professionally pressed. When I do iron, I make matters worse.

I let my hair air dry. Every day. It frequently takes four hours to become completely dry. I have no earthly idea how to blow it dry and no real desire to learn. read more

Pregnancy Chic: A Guest Post from Allie

Several of you awesome readers have begged for some advice on how to stay stylish when you’re expecting. And the thing is, you guys, I’ve never been pregnant … and have learned the hard way to be wary of giving advice about things I haven’t personally experienced.

So I recruited the superawesome Allie of Wardrobe Oxygen and My Wardrobe Today, who brought her gorgeous daughter Emerson into the world quite recently. I followed Allie’s blogs throughout her pregnancy and she was far and away the most stylish pregnant woman I’ve ever had the good fortune to behold. So I was simply delighted when she agreed to guest post for me, because I knew she’d impart some solid style wisdom for all you moms-t0-be. So without further ado … read more