Reader Request: A Touch of Butch

Reader Lianne wrote with this challenge:

I’m a long-time jeans-and-t-shirt type who’s always thought that style was something exclusively for very girly women, with the goal of looking feminine or cute; I associated it with a very traditional view of femininity, and with being or acting heterosexual. I’m not straight, and my taste is a little on the butch side, so I figured style wasn’t for me. (Nothing wrong with feminine, cute or heterosexual of course, just not my thing.) read more

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Match vs. Go

What does it mean for an outfit to match? What about an outfit that "goes"? This post explores the differences.

Here’s a concept that manages to be both simple and tough to master: Outfits that match, versus ones that “go.”


This outfit matches. My red accessories mirror the red in the pattern of the shirt. And although the khaki skirt isn’t anywhere in the shirt’s color scheme, it is definitely in the same color range and family.


To steal a phrase, this outfit “goes.” The shoes and belt are different colors, and neither picks up on any elements present in the design or colors of the dress. But everything is harmonious, similar without echoing. read more

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My Eyes are Brown

Sally McGraw

Husband Mike claims he’s got brown hair and green eyes. I can tell you RIGHT NOW that the man has sandy blond hair and blue eyes. Since I’m all browns, none of my coloring-related features have ever been in dispute, but I put this question to the folks who follow Already Pretty over on Facebook, and got some great responses:

How about you? Ever proclaim your eyes green, only to be shot down? Declare yourself a blond and have someone say, “Really? I always thought of you as a brunette”? read more

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