This Week I Love …

… P!nk.

“Born This Way,” is amazing, but “Raise Your Glass” came first. (Lyrics and video not safe for work. Video also contains imagery that may be offensive to the devout.)

I have had a mad-rampant girl-crush on P!nk since the moment I clapped eyes on her back in 2000. But it wasn’t until I watched this video that I understood exactly why. I’ve always loved her intoxicating mix of toughness, smarts, goofy humor, raw emotion, and unbridled power, and she’s always struck me as a woman who would bulldoze any- and everything that stood in her way. But with this video, P!nk proved to me that she gets diversity. She gets bullying. She gets fear. She gets discrimination and prejudice and exclusion and assumption and she wants the world to know that she thinks it’s all bullshit. This video makes me cry every time. EVERY time. And then it makes me want to change the world.

I don’t know her whole personal history, but I realize that she has a metric ton of rage and some of her lyrics and actions are far less tolerant and accepting than those found in “Raise Your Glass.” She’s done her fair share of alienating and criticizing her fellow women when she feels they’re selling themselves short, making choices that could harm their future prospects, or behaving in ways that demean women in general. But P!nk is an outspoken feminist who encourages all women to fight hard for their rights and beliefs. She has written with passion about self-image, confidence, peer pressure, over-sexualization, and the unyielding pressure to be thin. She’s incredibly sexy, but chooses her own path to sexiness: She looks and dresses quite differently from most of the renowned beauties of our time, and she knows it and she owns it. She is unapologetically messy and emotional and loud, and has no desire to tone down her looks or beliefs or lyrics to make anyone more comfortable. She is brave and strong and bold, and she wants you to be, too.

Her way isn’t my way. I could never be her, and I don’t want to. But I sure as hell admire her.

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  • I’ve not thought too deeply about Pink, but I must say I like punching it out to “So What” in Zumba class. She’s definitely more my style than Gaga.

  • Lynnski

    Did you know the Maccabeats (of Candlelight and youtube fame) did a version of Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”? It’s a song for Purim and it’s lovely and fun. I saw the Maccabeats live and it was a riot. So nebbishy and earnest! They said Pink was Jewish, which is also an interesting part of her bio.

    Not a lot about body image or style here. Except to say that the Maccabeats were nebbishy and earnest AND have a lot of teen and tween fans who scream and bat their eyes over their modest, earnest, religious and devoutly non-stylish singing idols.

  • LOVE Pink! What you see is what you get and she is one HELL of a performer! Very much admire her.

  • I feel the same way about Pink. I find her refreshing in her honesty – even I don’t agree with it or would behave that way. I love the lyrics of her songs that encourage the young women unlike alot of the songs that are demeaning to worth of women. I love Pink for having the guts to BE Pink.

  • Big fan here. But you forgot to mention her Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatic moves!

  • Although I appreciate her and her music in some ways, I must say I’m not a big fan of Pink. I find her messages confusing to say the least. She has too many unresolved issues from the past and the fact that she is a mother now worries me. She is far too aggressive and the last I heard from her is that she feels spanking children is a good idea and since then she has been in my bad books for good. I hope she will learn soon that there are better ways to discipline a child and teach them respect and self love.

    • Tina

      This exactly is my concern regarding Pink, too.

  • Victoria

    Here’s a lip dub video with images that are more safe for work.
    It was done at a ComicCon recently. The costumers on the video typically make their own costumes.

  • This was a great way to start my morning. Thanks, Sally. πŸ™‚ P!nk has been a role model of mine for a long time, and I am always saddened that there aren’t more women in the music industry sticking up for being themselves and making music.

  • Anne

    Though I might never wear pink, I am certainly on team P!nk. “Stupids Girls” will remain one of my favorite videos. I know that she has has anger management issues, and I imagine she is missing the discretion chip all together , but she is clearly trying to work it all out. There are I’m sure millions of girls out there who don’t feel classically pretty and have a lot of thoughts (not all of them fashion related) they want to express. P!nk gives those girls a voice.

  • Elizabeth

    Was this at all partially inspired by my India Arie/Pink link from last week?

    • Sal

      ‘fraid not – this has been in the cooker for a long time.

      • Elizabeth

        That’s cool.

  • Patricia

    I am also a huge fan of Pink. I watched one of those bios of her on a music channel once and she does have crap in her youth and past that she is working out, but a lot of people do. I don’t actually think that she has anymore rage than a lot of people carry around inside themselves, but as an artist, she has a way to express it and let it out. Her lyrics are powerful and she consistently takes a stand on the need for women to be themselves and not conform to the Barbie format. Stupid Girls was definitely the song that won me over.

  • Tara

    She’s vegetarian, which makes her A-OK in my book!

    • Jen

      Awesome, didn’t know that. No wonder I like her.

  • I’ve never really bothered listening to the lyrics, to be honest. I’m glad I took the time to do so. I’ve always liked it, but it hasn’t ever really stuck out as something fab… Until now, really. The video is so THOUGHTFUL. I love it.

    I’ve loved Pink since her first album. I liked how she wasn’t afraid to be a tough chicka, especially since when she came out with her first album, her breed of tough chicka was not popular or stylin’ in the mass media. I’m really glad she’s persevered.

  • Elizabeth

    So, that song has been stuck in my head for months and I’d never even seen the video. Thanks so much for sharing.

    The only one I don’t get – the masked villain forcing women to pump their breastmilk into a machine to be fed to a baby cow. Weird.

    So much of the rest of it is brilliant it makes me love the song all the more.

    • Jen

      Shooting in the dark here, but if she’s vegetarian like someone above claims, maybe it’s her thought that why should we drink the mama cow’s milk and take it away from the baby cows. It’s like she’s commenting that us drinking cow milk is as weird as baby cow’s drinking our breast milk. As another vegetarian, I drink cow’s milk, but I’m kind of conflicted about it, knowing that the cows must be kept pregnant and then separated from their babies as soon as they are born to keep producing milk.

  • Love pink. And echo Patricia’s comment.

  • Tara

    Elizabeth, that image is a commentary on the fact that humans steal breast milk from cows to feed to baby humans. It’s showing how it would look if the reverse happened.

  • Oh man… I LOVE Pink. I always kinda liked her music, but then I watched her concert special with my mom’s husband (he totally has a crush on her, which I find amusing!) and I was blown away. She radiates strength and passion… and I find it all incredibly sexy.

    And her feminist and media-bashing and emotional lyrics rock my world so hard.

    I’m waiting until my break to watch this video on my phone, but I love the song’s message already so thanks for the heads up πŸ™‚

    • Annnnd the video did not disappoint! Thanks so much for sharing it, Sal πŸ™‚ Yay, Pink!

      On a tangent, I totally sell those breast pumping bras in the video to new moms in the birth center… hahaha. I’ve never seen one actually being used, so it was also educational! Shoulda totally watched it at work… and called it “research” πŸ™‚

  • I’ve always loved Pink, though God knows I haven’t spent much time analyzing her! πŸ™‚

  • I adore Pink and have done ever since her very first song. When she first hit the charts here in the UK I was at college and working my way into finding myself.
    I may by and large be a hard rock/metal chick, but I love Pink’s edgy punky style and her music is ear worm central!

  • Plop

    I love P!nk, and her voice and her courage ! πŸ˜€

  • Huge Pink fan. I saw her back when she was small enough that she performed at a GA venue and she blew me away. She is extremely raw – not afraid to push buttons or say the wrong thing as long as it is authentic to her. Sometimes it causes her to be a bit contradictory or offensive, but it’s refreshing to see someone who doesn’t filter in order to gain fans.

  • Totally agree–Pink ROCKS. I adore how gutsy she is and the fact that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is so unlike other pop stars, and works that to her advantage. I’m sure you’ve heard her song “F***ing Perfect”–it’s basically an anthem to accepting yourself! I blast it pretty often πŸ™‚

  • Eleanorjane

    Yup, I love Pink, though ‘Raise your glass’ isn’t one of my favourite songs. I love “Sober” and ‘What d’ya want from me” (she wrote it and performs a very similar but more honest version than Adam Lambert).

    *MUCH* prefer her to Lady GaGa

  • Jen

    I blast Pink when I need to feel rocker girl or angry or just awake on my morning commute. I do feel like she is feminist oriented, although I don’t know that I would want a young girl to be listening to her music because she’s often sexually explicit or profane. I like how she isn’t afraid to call guys on their crap. I love the message of “F’ing perfect”, “Stupid Girls”, and also “Dear Mr. President” is so powerful.

  • Beth

    I have loved her after watching her “Real Hollywood Story”. Shows a lot about what her life has been like and how she relates this in all her lyrics.

  • Soph the Person

    Why does a woman have to be known as a feminist in order to be seen as a woman assertive of her personal rights, opinions or values? Do we even have a word that describes men who are assertive in the same ways or are they just labelled negatively as aggressive? I see Pink as a strong person regardless of her gender.

    • Sal

      I don’t see calling someone a feminist as a negative thing.

      • Soph the Person

        Sorry Sally I wasn’t very clear. My point was that when a woman is a strong person many people associate her with feminism (good or bad) but why can’t she just be known a strong assertive person who just happens to be a woman? Would Pink ascribe to the implied sexist values that go along with the label of feminist? I had never associated her with ‘feminism’ till you mentioned it earlier. Maybe it’s my own perception of feminism, but I have never known it to be used in a non-sexist sense. All power to women, fine with me if you need to label it at something to feel recognised, but all power to all people is my motto.

  • Love Pink — she’s pretty awesome and her songs are kickass. Such a huge fan of “Stupid Girls.”

  • GinaMarie

    I’ve been a fan of the woman and her music for a few years now. Glitter in the Air has to be one of the most brilliant descriptions of love that I have ever heard. Raise Your Glass was an instant favorite as well, an anthem for anyone who’s ever had to defend themselves not only to others but even to themself as to why being different is a beautiful thing.

    And she probably is one of the only women who tempts me to cut my long hair to a pixie again. πŸ™‚

  • I’ve liked P!nk for a long time, and you’ve definitely hit on what I like about her. Also, as a young person growing up around very defined beauty standards(from the media, not my parents or anything like that), her unconventional beauty and, “stop letting people dictate your values, life, etc.” attitude is very refreshing.

  • I too have a girl crush on Pink. I LOVE her! I think she is tough and beautiful and speaks what is on her mind. So what if she has some issues, don’t we all? That is one of the things I respect about her. She shows that she isn’t perfect and plastic and vacant. She is a far more positive role model then Snooki or Paris Hilton.

  • I like Pink in terms of the sense of empowerment and independence that her lyrics portray, but not for the fact that all her songs seem to imply that there’s nothing more to life than drinking/partying. THAT, I’m not such a fan of.

  • I utterly adore Pink’s music. I wish to hell she’d been around when I was 13 and really needed to hear what she’s got to say. All I had was Paula Abdul informing me that opposites attract and he’s a cold-hearted snake, girl. Totally not as good.

    I will say I found a funny blind spot in her work, though, when me and my coblogger were looking for good songs for our Myth Of Men Not Being Hot Party Mix. We both assumed Pink would have one or two good ones to add, but neither of us could find one. Her lyrics clearly imply that she loves men and sex and so on, but she’s never done a song about male sexiness. Odd that both I and my friend assumed she must have done; false memory, I suppose.

  • I adore Pink, and have ever since we caught her Funhouse tour concert on television. If you think this video is amazing, watch that. There’s no doubt after seeing that she is one of the most talented, feral, consistent performers out there, and it’s all real.

  • P!nk’s song “Perfect” (clean version link here: inspires me every time I hear it – and the music video is even better, makes me cry, just a little bit, every time I watch it.

  • Dorothy

    Well, this is it. The post that finally made me drop my lurking ways. That’s how much I love P!nk. I used to thinkk she was just a funky, spunky rock chick with a knack for catchy tunes. Then a friend gave me Funhouse for my birthday (which I share with P!nk πŸ™‚ ) and i learnt she’s so much more: a talented, strong woman with real things to say about real issues. Gotta love that!

  • I own every single one her albums – she is my ultimate female singer. So talented, so outspoken, and not afraid to show the pain in her youth. She is a huge inspiration to me. I actually did a post about her song “F*ckin Perfect” because that song speaks to my soul. I identify with a lot of the pain she went through and the visuals in the video were pulled straight from my life. It’s nice to know that someone who I look up to and admire (that’s you Sal!!) also looks up to one of my biggest inspirations πŸ™‚

  • Anon

    I don’t get you women. You say you want to be treated as equals and to be respected, but then you go and worship this obvious narccicist with many unresolved issues. All this woman is doing is encouraging women to be selfish and self-obsessed. You can fight for equals rights, be independant, strong, and not be so self-absorbed at the same time. Too much emphasis on self-importance it’s no wonder there’s no much mental illness going around. Wake up, people!