This Week I Love …

… cashmere. In NON-sweater format.

I’m a sweaty little being, and my perspiration is of the stanky variety. This means that my cashmere sweaters can be worn approximately 1.5 times before they smell like the inside of a 6th grade boy’s gym locker. I often layer tees beneath my cashmere sweaters so they last between cleanings, but that defeats the purpose! Cashmere should be close to the skin! Soft, cozy, warm, and lovely … right up on yas.

And so, I’ve been on the hunt for cashmere items that won’t come into contact with my pits. Such as:

Cashmere socks, $28 (They’re a blend, but still!)

Can I afford to indulge all of my cashmere fantasies? Heck no. Also I can hear my cats laughing their little feline butts off at the very idea of cashmere pants in our household … but hey, a girl can dream!

Are you a cashmere devotee? What’s your favorite non-sweater cashmere find?

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  • A Full Length Hooded Cashmere Bathrobe. I’ve been lusting after one for more than a decade. However, with the $500+ pricetag, I just can’t justify the extravagance, and I’m certainly not deserving of such luxury!

    • Cowgirl Lawyer

      Not deserving? Pu-lease. đŸ™‚

      • ParisGrrl

        You’ve wanted this robe for 10 years? Then your New Year’s Resolution should be to start a Robe Fund which you contribute to until you can get the darned thing….life is short and you should have something that is just pure pleasure for you once in a while. Think about it, if you’d put away $50 a year during the time you’ve already waited you could be blissing out in it now.

  • katty

    I so much love that you share those little “dirty” secrets! I am sweaty too, and the stinky kind too! But I am big and there’s the idea of big people being all sweaty and gross. It is embarrassing- even if I know my tiny aunts have the same problem- and my skinny dad does too. But somehow it is comforting to know that a pretty little classy woman like you goes through the same troubles. I am learning so much from you, like how to add warmth without bulk, etc. Thank you for sharing! And merry Christmas!

  • It’s like you made this post for me! I think a cashmere blanket is divine luxury. And the scarf is a must-have. Now I want those socks!! But I’m so hard on my socks (holes abound – it’s all the walking) that I don’t think I could justify them.

    PS: Cashmere pants are not a good idea – i’ve had them and they pill and develop holes in the upper thighs if you walk too much in them. At least the ones I’ve had.

    • Sal

      Oh, K., I know! You’re the cashmere queen!

  • you can also get yourself some cashmere-lined leather gloves.
    i dont have any, but they sound heavenly!

    • Charlotte

      I have a pair, and they ARE heavenly! Incredibly warm, soft, elegant AND you still have some sensation of what you touch through them. My sister got them for me last year, and I just adore them!

  • I only buy cashmere anything when I find it on some ridiculous sale, such as the sale I hit up with K.Line the other day at Club Monaco, so I have very limited amounts of it in my wardrobe. I used to have the BEST cashmere gloves but I lost them on a trip.

  • Bubu

    I love cashmere of the many sweater variety too (how about cardigans? by def there’s a layer in between). But one of my favorites: cashmere lined leather gloves… I found a pair on sale for not too much last year

  • Susan

    Love, love, love my cashmere blend shawl from Afghanistan (Alsadu) and the purple cashmere muffler I bought in Scotland. I also have a pair of cashmere (unlined) trousers in the most beautiful heathery chestnut color I got at the Kuhlman outlet, when they still did women’s clothing.

    I have the same problem with cashmere sweaters and find that dress shields work wonders ( and are fabulous for travel. I also used AtmosKlear ( — quick spray on the underarms eliminates the odor. Also great for travel.

    Love your posts, Sally!

  • Donna

    Love cashmere…what a luxury! Have a couple of thrifted sweaters (actually very good quality). I can just hear your bitty-kitties guffawing at their mama and the notion of cashmere pants.

  • Mmm cashmere pants. I don’t even know when or how I would wear them, but the very idea of them sounds blissful.

  • molly

    I also recommend cashmere-lined gloves, having bought mine at an outlet mall for $25.

    Separate cashmere question: I have a sweater that’s developed some holes, and it’s not worth it to me to spend the money to fix them. Is there any way to turn this beautiful, soft knit into a scarf or something without it just unravelling?

    • Emily

      Totally. You can felt it in the washing machine (hot water, with a few tennis balls for agitation) and then you can cut it up without fear of unraveling. The best part about felting is it makes the fabric thick and cushy.

      • molly


  • Oooo cashmere! I love cashmere, even though thinking about it always reminds me of that old Seinfeld episode…

    I swear by my cashmere wrap/scarf. It’s so warm and lightweight and durable, that part of me wants it in every color of the rainbow (the other part is happy to just have one color). Earlier this year, I splurged on cashmere tights that have so far been well worth it. They’re so so SO warm, and since I am car-less in a walking city, I need that. They also feel pretty darned chic. I’m taking super good care of them, but I think they’re built to last.

  • Kylara7

    Ooooooo…cashmere socks sound so comfy and decadent. I will have to get some! I have a cashmere scarf that is so soft around my face but I yet to buy any other items…this list my get me going đŸ™‚

  • Treadle27

    Kitties would love cashmere pants, just drop them on the floor and it’d be so warm and soft a cat bed. Can just picture mine slitting their eyes and stretching out one front paw contentedly.

  • A-C

    That wrap looks dreamy! I would love to indulge in some comfy cashmere too. Like you, pants are out of the question as my cats and dog would tear them up. However, in a scarf or gloves it would be ideal. Especially in a scarf as all that cushy awesomeness right up on my face would rock.

  • I really, really want to love cashmere, its a luxurious item but I have to say…not feeling the love. What I do feel is itchy and hot and sweaty and I turn red while wearing it. I recently donated 3 really nice sweaters that I just couldn’t wear without being incredibly uncomfortable. I think a cardi is a good option for me, going to have to hunt for one after Christmas.

  • Love cashmere…have never tried cashmere socks though!

  • Heck yeah, I love me a good cashmere. I have three identical sweaters, 2 are cardis, 1 is a pull-over. Fell in love with all three, Bloomingdale’s had some crazy secret sale and I scored them for about $65 (?) each, which was probably at $250 savings. Nuts! I wear them ALL the time. I get hot really fast and have to wear some kind of wool so as not to get Ă¼ber-stinky when it comes to sweaters.
    Yesterday, I wore the pink one:
    Then there’s the aqua one:
    And the green one:

    I’ve had them for three years and they’re still in heavy rotation. I’m wearing the green one today again!

  • rb

    I have cashmere knit and woven wide scarves from Nordstrom, and they are absolutely the best! Love them. I wear them all the time, and they are often the only pop of color in my otherwise neutral outfits.



    I received cashmere socks as a gift from a very generous friend, but I’m way too paranoid about ruining them, so I only wear them when I’m trudging around the house, at home from work sick. Then they make me feel very well cared-for.

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