This Week I Love …

Michelle Chang‘s jewelry.

A few months ago, I decided I wanted one of those super sexy snake bangles that show up on toned celeb arms every so often. I totally wimped out on actually BUYING said bangle, but not before undertaking an exhaustive search. And I did, indeed, find the snake bangle of my dreams in Michelle’s shop:

Snake Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Diamonds, $168

Get a load of that beauty, will ya? Long since sold, but haunts my dreams. Maybe one day I’ll commission one from her. Or maybe I’ll spring for one of her other amazing creations:

Baby Skull Earrings in Sterling Silver, $48

Open Mouth Snake Ring in Brass with Purple Amethyst and Diamonds, $178

Fox Necklace in Sterling Silver, $54

Leaf Ring in Sterling Silver and London Blue Topaz, $82

5 Nugget Necklace in Sterling Silver, $60

Sigh. So much love for these clean, simple, beautifully designed pieces. Do you have a favorite? Something else from her shop perhaps? I didn’t want to go overboard in this post, but I’m pretty much enamored of ALL her snake-y pieces!

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  • Ooh, I like that snake ring. If I wore rings.

  • My God, no wonder you’re in love with these pieces! Time to go have myself a drooling look-see!

  • BethL

    I love her stuff! I have her site on my Etsy faves and look at it often. I’m sure I’ll make a purchase someday!

  • These are beautiful! I especially love the manta ray necklace.

  • wow. all of it is pretty amazing, but i love that fox necklace!

  • Oh no… another thing to put on my wish list!! This stuff is great!!

  • I fear snakes — but I love that first bracelet. It’s total eye candy. I heart the fox too.

  • I love all of these! SO unique and quirky yet tasteful and timeless too! I have a lot of “fantastic plastic” jewelry but I love silver too. The reason I don’t have more is because I like my jewels to make a bigger statement. These are best of both worlds!
    How dare you post this!? Now I have more to lust after!

  • emi s.

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’m super, super picky about jewelry, and I LOVE all of this.

  • Cel

    I really like the snake rings, I’ve always loved silver over gold.

  • Cute! I love how simple and sweet the skulls and fox are!

    I’ve been trying to justify buying this snake bracelet forever:

  • The ourobouros snake ring with amythest…yesssssss.

  • Jak

    I love both of those rings. They’re very simple and definitely my style of rings.

    • Jak

      After looking through the store I have realized that I love pretty much all of her stuff. Especially the baby elephant rings.

  • Fel

    Great finds! My favorite ones are the snake bracelet & snake ring though.. Thanks for posting this 🙂

  • rb

    Oh that’s funny- I got kind of obsessed with having a silver snake bangle a couple of years ago – except I intended to wear it at my wrist. Is that a bicep bangle?

    Anyway, the one you show here is much nicer than the one I ultimately didn’t buy…. maybe there was a reason for that! 🙂

  • Michelle Chang is one of my favorite Etsians and I have bought more than one gift from her shop (they also have carried her at Patina and I bought a necklace there.) I’m a big fan of her elephants.

  • I am loving the 5 Nugget Necklace. You are right, very clean pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love the ring with the leaves. It looks kind of celtic I think they are all beautiful pieces though

  • That snake bangle is pretty awesome. I love really well-made animal jewelry. I think the snake ring is pretty cheeky. 🙂

  • glam inside

    I do like this jewellery, but the name, ‘baby skulls’ gave me a jolt – I think I’d prefer little, mini or tiny skulls…

  • *Love* that nugget necklace!!!

  • Exciting! I got her tiny-skull-with-diamond-eyes necklace and ring a couple of years ago from Craig. In fact – I’m wearing the necklace today!
    I love her work.