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Care About Fashion. But Not Too Much.

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When I was in college, I got scolded by a guy for not caring enough about my clothes. He took it upon himself to tell me that I’d be so much prettier if I’d just put on a dress once in a while. He was an acquaintance, not a friend, and he felt it was important to let me know that my lack of interest in fashion was affecting his perception of me. And potentially the perceptions of others. I did not care enough about fashion.

The receptionist at my old job was an older gal and famously grumpy. She was one of those people whose compliments always felt backhanded and acidic. She made a point of commenting whenever I wore something she perceived to be new – items that, nine times out of ten, I’d had for years but not yet worn to the office. When I told her I was writing a book, she lit up. When I told her what it was about, she pulled a grimace. I cared too much about fashion. READ MORE

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Blue Haze

My usual online shopping haunts over the past 3 years since starting Curves Become Her have not been as varied as I like them to be but thankfully more stores are getting savvy with providing worldwide shipping and that means more variety for the wardrobe! This outfit of the day look is a neat combination of some of these brands.

This is not a look I typically wear and experimenting is just so much fun! I am still discovering my particular style aesthetic; I suppose you can call it eclectic for now. Which makes so much sense since that is the general consensus with my varied taste in things I love such as books, movies, music. I get such a kick out of the look of surprise from people when they have trouble fitting me into a little pigeonhole. Labels, labels, labels, how utterly boring! READ MORE

Cleavage Goes To Work

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Once upon a time, our beloved Sally did a couple of posts about her interpretation of “sexy secretary” style. I remember reading both entries and the ensuing discussion in the comments sections with great interest. I considered jumping in but I was a brand spanking new reader at the time. I was still feeling shy and it seemed that Sally’s readers had covered all the relevant perspectives in a thoughtful, intelligent way.

Recently, I was poking around the site, looking for advice on pencil skirts (Me + pencil skirts = hot mess!) The sexy secretary entries popped up in my search string, so I decided to give them a re-read. That’s when I realized I did have something to add to the discussion. So rather than comment on a post from 2010, I figured I’d pipe up in a post of my very own. READ MORE