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Reader Request: Let’s Talk Gloves

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Tina popped this request into the suggestion box.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how to wear gloves and where to find gloves at a reasonable price. I have a horse and paint so my hands look like I might be a mechanic. Also, my husband hates nail polish and I’m too busy to get manicures. And then there are the veins and the gnarly knuckles from arthritis. Do you think gloves might be the answer, or is that too over the top? And then there’s glove etiquette. Can you just leave them on all the time? (Is it okay to eat in gloves? Shake hands in gloves?) I’m going to a wedding and I’d love to figure out a way to get gloves to work for me for that and other special occasions.


Getting Comfortable

comfortable sweatshirts

For a long time, I believed that a little bit of physical discomfort could be beneficial at times: Stiffer, more formal clothing can put you in a focused frame of mind and encourage extended concentration. Some experts recommend dressing up for phone interviews, both because the ritual of dressing can help center you, and because speaking to someone on the phone while wearing business attire makes the interview experience feel more weighty and real. And in the midst of our increasingly comfort-obsessed culture, it saddens me to see that people choose to wear cargo shorts to the opera* and t-shirts to four-star restaurants. Dressing up lends a different energy to our activities, and I enjoy that differentiation.


Reader Request: Rut vs. Signature

signature style or rut 2

Reader Brenda sent me this fantastic question:

I’ve been considering the difference between a style rut vs. developing a signature look. I’ve read, for example, that Anna Wintor routinely wears a variation on a sheath dress. She’s found what works and sticks with it. Is that a signature or a rut?

I sew a lot of my clothes and have a standard fit & flare dress pattern that I use. I vary the fabric, color, sleeve length and details, and neckline shape, and I get compliments from people. Now there’s a niggling in the back of my head that I’m in a rut, but the competing thought is that this is working for me. I’d love your thoughts on this!