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Reader Request: Styling Your Graphic Tees

how to wear graphic tees

Reader Kim e-mailed me this query:

I was wondering if you could do a post with suggestions on how to work graphic t-shirts into a wardrobe with a little style. I must confess that I have a total obsession. As a result, I have a ridiculous number of crew neck graphic print shirts, that while they tend to be pretty fitted (a left-over from their former patronage of American Apparel base shirts), are really obviously nerd-a-licious t-shirts. I have pretty good success incorporating t-shirts with other stylish details (various necklines like boat, v’s, scoops, yoke details, sequins, beading, etc) into outfits that look more thought-out. But lately the graphic t-shirts are throwing me for a loop. I usually just default to my t-shirt, boot cut jeans and running shoes (maybe a track jacket for extra layering). All of this is feeling very tired and uninspired. Can you please suggest some ways to make my nerd shirts feel a little more sartorially inspired? READ MORE

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Reader Request: How to Wear Cardigans

how to wear cardigans

Bubu threw this request into the Suggestion Box:

I would love a post on cardigans – long short, crew, v-neck, straight, flyaway, ruffly, etc- how to pair then, layer them, what shapes work better on different heights, different builds, etc.

Gah. That’s a LOT to tackle in one post. Luckily, I’ve already written a post that should address the pairing question: This piece on layering necklines will help you figure out which cardigan will play nicely with which underlayer. Though I’ll try to dig into that question a bit more here, too. READ MORE

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Reader Request: Styling Dress and Skirt Ties with Layers


Carolyn e-mailed me this request:

I’ve been noticing that a fair number of my skirts and dresses have ties at the waist – I am quite hour-glass-shaped, so something that brings in the waist works well for me. However, I often struggle with sorting out what kind of sweater or blazer to wear over them (a necessity in my air-conditioned office ….) – especially if something ties at the side, the knot will just be covered by the top layer, making it bulge, or the tail of the tie look odd sticking out from under the knot. If you have any suggestions for how to style cold-office-necessary layers with tie-waisted garments (or whatever they may be called), I’d love to hear them, and maybe other readers have this problem too. READ MORE