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Reader Request: What to Wear for Yourself When You Work From Home

What should you wear if you work from home? Do you need to get dressed up just for yourself?

Long-time reader and all-around amazing gal Ruth sent me this question:

What do I wear when I am on my own? I know that you have written about who one dresses for, and the correct answer is always ‘for myself’ (although having got into a relatively new relationship, I am delighted to be with somebody who finds me attractive, and love to dress in a way that he will like). But I live alone and work almost entirely from home. So there are some days when I see either nobody or only the local shopkeepers or the postman. So what to wear? I do have some standards. Occasionally I exercise in the morning and stay in my workout clothes all day (not a good idea – nothing is more uncomfortable than a sports bra worn all day) but normally I dress in ‘proper’ clothes, but the rather worst of them. And no jewellery – which for me is the signifier of being ‘properly’ dressed. I like clothes and probably have too many of them, and sometimes miss the opportunity to wear them. But there doesn’t seem any point in being anything more than decent and comfortable if I am on my own. I know you work at home but you are married so you have a husband to see you. But how does one resolve the problem of what to wear on one’s own? (If a tree falls in the forest…). READ MORE

Reader Request: Transitioning to a More Formal Workplace

dressing conservative workplace

Reader K emailed me this question:

I have a new job at a law firm and a lot of my clothing is a bit too informal and brightly colored and I’m not sure if it will be appropriate. I’d love to see a post about holding on to your your fun and colorful/statement necklace style when you find yourself having to conform and fit into a much more conservative environment (no more sandals at work, no more casual Fridays, no more it’s OK to wear jeans if I just have to in order to make it through the day on a Thursday, more jackets/blazers, less tees, no more cotton sundresses, how to dress up some of your more informal clothing for a pseudo corporate world, etc.) READ MORE

Scooter Style

IMG_7338Shell: Eileen Fisher, no longer available (more Eileen Fisher shells)
Jeans:Level 99
Bag: Tumi Sumatra Crossbody
Shoes: Clarks Haley Stork

Behold, my new buddy: the Xootr Mg. For many months I’d been searching for a lightweight mode of transportation that can be ridden on the sidewalk rather than on San Francisco’s dangerous and pothole-ridden streets, that can be folded up and taken on the bus or train when needed, and that I don’t have to pack a complete change of outfit in order to ride. This little guy weighs under 10 pounds and is a breeze to ride; on it I can cover my 3-mile commute to work in about 20 minutes, versus 50 minutes walking or 40 minutes on the bus (yeah, I know; the SF bus system is an embarrassment). Best of all, it spares my sensitive feet and still gives me a good amount of exercise without arriving at work disheveled and sweaty. Not that it didn’t require a few adjustments to my style and wardrobe. READ MORE