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Lockhart Wrks.

A month or so ago, I was on the hunt for some matte gold or brass jewelry. Etsy is always my first stop for jewelry, so I tootled around in there a bit until I found Rebecca’s shop. And friends, if I had bales of money I would’ve bought every single piece. Really. Her design style is such a marvelous mix of edgy and delicate, tough and feminine, and the pieces are beautifully made. I know because I’ve ordered three so far, including the Ring & Brass Dagger earrings shown above. And I’m sure I’ll order more in time. Here are a few of her recent creations:


Industrial Pendant Necklace with Black Spikes – $40

This is another of the pieces I bought, and I ADORE it. I upgraded to the 28″ chain so it hangs a bit lower than shown here, and it is just about my favorite piece of jewelry right now. Lightweight, eye-catching, badass, totally affordable.


Arrow Drop Earrings – $35

I love that most Lockhart Wrks earrings are either available in multiple sizes or manageable lengths and shapes. These guys are 3.5″ which is on the long side, but not veering into shoulder-duster territory. Totally dig the mixed metals and turquoise accents.


Triangle Bracelet with Burgundy Chain – $30

Yep. Burgundy chain. And such a simple, elegant design. Perfect for you minimalists out there.


Large Double Dagger Earrings – $38

Pretty sure these will be my next purchase. They mirror the shape of the necklace, but have thoughtful, subtle differences like the tiny bit of chain and mottled spikes. Ach, I love these so much.


Patinated Chevron Necklace – $38

This necklace is the perfect shape to fit into v-necked shirts and sweaters. Each pendant is totally unique, and Rebecca will email you a photo of the one she plans to send you beforehand so you can make sure you love it.

Hope you’ll take a look at Lockhart Wrks and maybe pick up a piece or two for yourself!

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Doggehs 2

After a rainy weekend, my pups were very happy to get out for a nice long walk once it let up. I don’t mind walking in the rain, but they hate it. They hate wearing raincoats even more.

Not me. I fell in love with this Sandro jacket when we were visiting London in 2013, and have never regretted the purchase. It’s perfect for our Southern California climate. It’s lightweight enough to wear even into late spring, but now in “winter” (such as we get in LA) I’ll layer sweaters underneath for warmth. The charcoal grey NYDJ jeans were one of my best 2014 purchases. They are comfortable, versatile and a nice break from blue denim. Plus, they don’t show the dog hair as much. ;-p

Earrings: Argento Vivo, no longer available, similar
Scarf: Eileen Fisher
Jacket: Sandro, no longer available, similar.
Sweater: J.Crew
Jeans: NYDJ
Bracelet: French Kande
Boots: Aquatalia by Marvin K, similar

Doggehs 3

These boots may be suede, but they are actually weatherproof. I’ve stepped in big puddles while wearing them (not intentionally) and my feet stayed dry. They’re supremely comfortable too.

Doggehs 4

Remember that old show business saying, “never work with children or animals?” These two are scene-stealers for sure, but it’s not often I get them to sit this still for the camera!

Doggehs 1


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Reader Request: Remixing Distinctive pieces


Reader Darby emailed me this question:

I have a little black dress that I love. It fits me just right and is very flattering. My conundrum is, it has quite a distinctive cut-out neckline that I find limits how often I feel like I can wear it. Do you have any ideas of different ways to restyle a distinctive dress for party season so that it looks different each time?

In an ideal world, wearing the same things over and over would be a praiseworthy practice. And in daily life it often is, especially now that we’re learning more about the impact of fast fashion and valuing creative remixing. But when it comes to holiday parties, many people feel odd about doing the same outfit or dress for the entire season. And like Darby, I’m betting some of you have a dynamite dress/top/necklace that you’d like to wear to every fête and festival, but would like it to look different each time. Hopefully, I have some tips and tricks that will work for you, too.


The more elements to an outfit, the less obvious it becomes that one is being worn on repeat. If you’ve got a boldly patterned blouse you want to keep in constant rotation wear it under a sweater, with a blazer or jacket, under a sleeveless dress, with a variety of cardigans. In Darby’s case, adding a dressy jacket or bolero that doesn’t totally block the distinctive neckline could work, as could adding a shawl with metallic thread or a gorgeous pattern.

Draw focus elsewhere

This kinda defeats the purpose of having an item that’s eye-catching and unique, but goes toward getting gobs more use out of it. Say you’ve bought a sequined skirt that you want to wear to four parties in a row. For the first, let the skirt be in the spotlight. For the second, wear with a bold-colored, but solid top. For the third, do a subdued palette and giant, sparkly earrings or a statement necklace (if it doesn’t feel like sparkle overkill). For the fourth, add a dressy printed scarf to the mix. For Darby’s LBD, she could do a bright red belt or phenomenal shoes, though necklaces and scarves would help her distract from the dress’s defining feature, too.

Vary your hair and makeup

We’ve touched on accessories a bit already, but other finishing touches like hair and makeup can really transform how an item or outfit looks. That tuxedo jacket you love? Try it with an updo and red lips, then hair down with neutral lips. It’ll probably look completely different because you do. If you’re into colorful eyeshadows or interesting hair accessories, those can help you create varied looks, too. This is the most subtle of the three options, so you might want to do this AND one of the other two.

And, of course, there’s always the “don’t worry about it” option. Honestly, anyone who cares about seeing the same party dress twice within a season should really get a hobby. Guys can wear the same suit every time, and there’s really no rule saying we can’t wear the same dress/suit/pants every time, too, if we want to.

Any of you looking for ways to rework and remix distinctive items, for parties or everyday life? Will any of these suggestions work for you? Others to add?

Image via The Outnet

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details.

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