Recommended Reading: The Beheld

I kinda can’t believe I haven’t yet given a shout-out to Autumn over at The Beheld. Sure, she’s guest posted for me and I link to her every single week in the roundups. As a matter of fact, I e-mailed her once and instructed her to suck more because I felt like a dorky fangirl linking her up week after week after week.

But I don’t really want her to suck more. I want her to continue to write about beauty myths, athleticism, the beauty standard, and the meaning of pretty with the same wit and wisdom that she always has. I want her to continue assembling her mind-opening beauty blogosphere posts, interviewing fascinating feminists, and forcing me to think harder about everything that I already think pretty damned hard about.

I found her through her Month Without Mirrors project, and have been addicted to her insightful, candid, probing prose ever since. I respect this woman tremendously. Please add The Beheld to your reading list, if you haven’t already.

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  1. Beth

    Hear, hear! I found her a while back through your lovely links, and I adore her blog. Always thoughtful, interesting, and well-written. Thanks for have such great taste, all around.

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