Recommended Reading: Rookie

I don’t actually read Style Rookie. I’ve peeked in on it occasionally, but it never grabbed me. However, Tavi’s super amazing online magazine, Rookie? I’m addicted. The site is aimed at teen girls, hoping to provide them with insight into sex, style, feminism, and the weird world of adulthood. But the content is so varied, so fascinating, so incredibly well written that just about anyone of any age could appreciate it. Tavi’s own posts are heartfelt and engaging, but she also wrangles celebrity contributors, blogging veterans, and fellow teens into creating insightful, revealing, and enlightening writing.

Rookie gets a near-weekly link in my own roundup, and would take up half of my list of faves if I’d let it. Do give it a peek. And send the link to any teenage girls you know who might feel a bit lost, disconnected, or overwhelmed. It’s an amazing resource.

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  • BethL

    WAY over my teens but love Rookie too! They had me at Jon Hamm being their “ask a guy”! lol

    • Sal

      Seriously, how brilliant was that?

  • nwp

    Holy smokes! I am 40 years old and could not drag myself away from that site. Love it!

  • I’m 39 and visit Rookie every day. I wish it had been around during my teenage years. The Jon Hamm thing was hilarious.

  • Well, I am no longer a teenage girl but I love the site too.

    This post
    really resonates with me because it reminds me of myself while I was still a teenage girl.

  • Anna

    I love Rookie! I’m a teenager and I love how their articles manage to be extremely welcoming and also really interesting. Such a great site!