Recommended Reading: Fashion for Nerds

Well. You all know that Audi and I have been friends for years. We connected through blogging, and have been swapping clothes, trading ideas, and counseling each other on shopping, style, and personal matters for ages. She is a brilliant woman and an amazing friend.

What you might not know is that Audi is also my primary sartorial inspiration and style icon. Like most women, I love me some celeb style, but in the back of my mind I’m always aware that those folks have paid stylists telling them what to wear and what to avoid. Audi is her own stylist. And she has impeccable taste, to be sure, but she’s also daring. Fearless, even. She makes it clear with every outfit and every post that her priority is to be creative, interesting, unique, bold, and expressive. Dressing beautifully is marvelous, but dressing creatively is inspiring. And Audi inspires me to try new pieces, combinations, and proportional mixes. She challenges me to step outside my comfort zone. She makes me more creative and bold with my own choices by being creative and bold with hers.

If you haven’t already, please add Fashion for Nerds to your reading list.

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  • She looks amazing and love those three outfits! Will definately take a look at her blog! Thanks, Sally! xxx

  • Well, I did not know her yet, but her style looks indeed amazing. I love that last outfit!

  • Yay! It’s so great to see Audi on here… she’s been one of my favorite bloggers for ages, even though I prob don’t tell her that often enough.

  • Cel

    Haha, I just woke up and was scrolling my blogs and I thought “Wait a minute, Audi’s Blog isn’t Already Pretty… OH.” I LOVE Audi’s style, she does such fantastic things with prints, layers and interesting shapes and fabrics!

  • Audi was the first fashion blogger I began following. I’m missing her almost daily posts but look forward to seeing any new outfits that she posts.

  • Carbon Girl

    I love Audi! She is so daring and has inspired me to try different things like layering skirts! I love her style so much but can’t emulate it as much as I would like because she has very different proportions than I do. Unlike Sal, who is a pretty good match for me.

  • Yay! for Audi. Long before I had a blog, I would read her all the time, and swoon over her cool outfits. She is a star.

  • Yay! I’ve been a fan of Audi’s for many years – I love her bold and creative style.

  • Aw shucks! Thanks for your kind words Sal; it’s an honor indeed to be seen as a style icon by you!

  • Audi looks great, stylish, and … a lot like Helen Mirren. I like the fact that she keeps surrounding her with books. I’ll definitely take another look or two, or more. Me like! Thanks!

  • Hooray for Audi! She’s one of the greatest sources of blog inspiration on my reader. I’m endlessly impressed with her outfits.

  • I love Audi’s blog. Haven’t read it in a while but that just means there will be lots to enjoy when I have a minute to go back.

    She seems like SUCH a cool person.

  • Love her! I also consider her an inspiration for the creative ways she combines garments. She manages to be interesting and edgy without being too too.

  • Adrienne

    I love Audi, but I dont think a plus size woman like myself could do all of the layering she does without looking like a polar bear. You are equally as thin as Audi and can get away with it. I like to catagorize her look as complicated, interesting, non-traditional, inspired. I also love the fact that she studied millinery as I have. I wish she was my friend as well because I can tell she is an awesome lady.