Recomended Reading: Une femme d’un certain age

Deja Pseu, the remarkably lovely author of this blog, is smart, sassy, thoughtful, wise, and kind. As her title suggests, her posts often address questions of aging gracefully and age-appropriate dressing, but she also mulls body image, feminism, personal style, shopping, and body politics.Her foulard de la semaine (scarf of the week) series is a wonderful reminder of the versatility of this simple, chic accessory. And her frank, funny writing style will have you wishing she lived next door.

If you’re not reading her already, you should be.

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  • Aww, thanks Sal!!! I’m blushing, seriously.

  • Donna

    Thanks for the tip! You, however Ms Sal, are at the top of my list.

    • Sal

      Oh Donna, you are too kind! And you made my day. Seriously.

  • Thinking of you with all the news reports about the blizzard!

    • Sal

      Thanks, Rachel! I did a ski clinic three hours away LIKE A CRAZY PERSON, but am home safe now. Apparently the Metrodome collapsed. HAHAHAHA!

  • Thank you for the heads up about this site, Une femme d’un certain age.
    I checked it out and loved the scarf demos. I’m definitely putting this one into FeedDemon đŸ™‚