How Capris Work

how to wear capris

So. It’s a cropped-pant world we’re living in, friends, and there are many different styles going under many different aliases. I defer to Angie on nomenclature – see her posts on clamdiggers, capris, and walkshorts,  as well as her guide to pant length – but we definitely agree on this: Capris are pants that hit below the knee and above the ankle. In my opinion a true capri is shorter than an “ankle pant” which, unsurprisingly, hits close to the actual ankle bone. The two shown above are good examples of capris, hitting solidly mid-calf. READ MORE

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Weekly Kitty:

He’s an excellent napper.

Plus-size stalwart Torrid will be presenting at New York Fashion Week in just a few days.

Ethical brand Everlane launched denim this week, and jeans come in several styles at price points slightly below what a pair from Gap will cost you.

“With all the meaning fashion has – both overtly and subtly – wearing the same dress can easily be thought of as a lack of possibilities. For me, it opened up more possibilities than I had ever considered before. It was the perfect way to express myself, my ideals, and my ideas – without getting wrapped up with society’s expectations. Wearing the same dress for a year became my expression, it became my lifestyle, it became my interpretation of fashion. READ MORE

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How Not to Thrift

thrift shopping

My love for That Mitchell and Webb Look has been well documented here on the blog, and over the years this BBC show has done some great bits about marketing, feminism, and style. I have mixed feelings about the content of the sketch itself, but love that they titled their parody of fashion makeover TV shows, “How What Not to Look Like.” Because, after all, “What Not to Wear” is an awkward phrase. AWKWARD, I say! So please consider the title of this post in the same fun-poking vein as Messrs Mitchell and Webb. READ MORE

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