Lovely Links: 2/10/17

Weekly Kitty:

Box Inspector Harriet will not be deterred by double-boxing or the presence of crinkly packing paper.

In her efforts to be more sustainably-minded, Diane asks, “Can you be a fashion blogger on zero budget?”

Hallie channels French girl chic in her beret, striped top, and pointy oxfords.

Sheela muses on the hidden traps and unexpected trip-ups found along the self-love journey, including fake self-love and discovering that loving yourself doesn’t guarantee being loved back.


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Reader Request: Stylish Interview Garb

how to dress for an interview

The lovely Kendra sent me this plea:

I was wondering if you could provide some ideas for interview wear beyond the basic suit and button down. I know alot of it has to do with what industry/field and what level you are interviewing for, but either way it can be hard to pump some creativity and personality into interview attire.

Well, Kendra, lemme tell ya. I actually tend to err on the side of conservatism when interviewing, as I believe that the best time to express your personal style and fashionable creativity is AFTER you’ve landed the job. I understand that showing up in a suit when you’re not a suit-wearing girl may seem dishonest, but you ought to be able to express yourself through what you say, your accomplishments, your humor and smarts. Interview clothes should establish your ethos, not your personality. In an interview, you want to present the most mature, impressive, hire-able version of yourself. You can slowly introduce your visual personality after you’ve been hired or your reputation has been established.


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Reader Request: Wrangling Slips

when to wear a slip

Superfantastic reader Erin asked:

Slips: Do you wear them? How long are your slips? Because you’re a year-round dress- and skirt-wearing woman in a cold climate, I assume that you’re a slip fan. Slips keep my skirts and tights from ending up in a horrible tussle on my thighs (no one wants to see that). I think, however, that there may be some ladies who think slips are old fashioned, fussy, and unnecessary.

Well, friends, it’s confession time: I am utter crap at slip implementation. I own several full slips, but they only get worn when I have about a billion heavy layers over them because they’ve got lots of gorgeous lacy embellishment … which means they generally show through my shirts. Also since I am generally on a mission to show off my waist, a traditional full slip only hinders: Unless worn with a dress (and most of my dresses are either lined or slippery), it pooches out at the waistband.


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