Reader Request: How to Do Business Casual

business casual dress code

Reader Kass had this request:

I would love a how-to on business casual! I have a hard time with the in-between look of either suits or non-office wear, beyond black pants and a button down! Ugh.

So. I used to push the envelope a little at my “business casual” office, allowing myself to don the occasional leopard-print miniskirt or nutty hairstyle. And my boss couldn’t have cared less, and even complimented me on some of my more adventurous ensembles. But every office is different, and although you’ll certainly want to capitalize on the leeway that this dress code affords you, be careful how far you push that envelope. Use your judgment, as I’m sure you always do, and if you’re ever in real doubt, consult HR. Most companies have an actual description of their workwear policy, and it never hurts to find out if you’re going to be breaking it by donning your corduroy¬†minidress or jersey knit romper.


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Legs, Skirts, and Footwear

A long leg line is one of my personal figure flattery priorities. I don’t always stick to it, but nine times out of ten I’ll choose outfit options that make my legs look as long and shapely as possible. And I’ve gotten many questions about how shoes and hemlines affect the leg line, so lemme boil it down for ya:

Basically, you want to consider your ankles and knees. If you’re wearing shoes that disguise the curve of your ankle, your legs will look more shapely if you can show your knees.


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Lovely Links 4/7/17

Weekly Kitty:

The tub is his happy place.

When a reader asked DapperQ if masculine-of-center dressers still wore makeup, the editors responded, “Makeup is for feminine, masculine, and everything in between and outside of. Our motto is ‘Dress your authentic self,’ and that includes makeup and accessories.” Then shared some fantastic images of androgynous looks that feature makeup.

Joi continues to show of her mastery of color pairing, this time in peach and rust. LOVE.


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