Thrifting for Trends: Spring/Summer 2015 Edition

It’s time, once again, to examine the hot “new” trends for the season, and remind ourselves that fashion recycles EVERYTHING! Here are just a few of the garments, colors, and styles that are trending for fall and winter that you can easily track down at your local thrift and consignment shops. (Note that all of the on-trend items I’m wearing below have been thrifted. Already.)

Leather and suede


This one might sound familiar because designers have been showing leather and suede for spring and summer several years running now. And not just jackets – we’ve got dresses, skirts, pants, even tops sauntering down the runway. Thrifting for leather is a piece of cake, and you’re likely to find tons of leather pencil skirts and moto jackets. Many thrift stores will also have leather pants, but some will be in outdated cuts and styles, so choose carefully.

Wide leg pants


Both of these pairs are exaggerated wide legs with high waists, but really any flowy style will do. Various iterations of wide legged pants have appeared each and every decade, so you’re bound to find some options on the thrift racks. If the volume makes you hesitate, pick a dark color that won’t be as attention-grabbing. Balancing out the pants with a fitted or structured top works for many figures and styles.



Pantone’s color of the year for 2015 is marsala, a variant of burgundy (and of oxblood which was a recent color of the year, too). This is a classic and incredibly versatile color, so if you don’t already have some in your closet head to your local Goodwill and pore over the racks. As is the case with all color trends, these ones will be among the easiest to thrift!

Bold stripes


Another classic, though these stripes aren’t your typical French sailor shirt stripes. Think broader strokes, high contrast, unusual placement … and items besides long-sleeved tees. Thrift stores will have an abundance of striped shirts and sweaters – which are always a good buy – but peek around for striped blazers, pants, skirts, and dresses, too.



This is the surprising one, if you ask me. Gingham has been a preppy staple for ages, but seeing it done up on the runways was unexpected and fun. You’re unlikely to find floaty gingham wrap dresses or other high-fashion-esque iterations, but a simple gingham shirt or skirt will help you cash in on this trend. And since this print is far from new, you should be able to find many options at your favorite secondhand haunts.

What trendy items will YOU thrift for this season?

Runway image sources: Derek Lam | Balmain | Victoria Beckham | Tibi | Diane Von Furstenberg

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Picking Up the Slack

I do not have, as you may have noticed, the most professional style.  I don’t think that I’m unprofessional in my dress, but at my old job there was no real dress code and I could wear what I liked when I liked.  So I wore stuff like this:

Gracey the Giant wears lightwash double denim


Oh, and this:

9.17.14 scalloped skirt, shark tee & Splendid booties 2

Man, those were the days.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be so loosey-goosey with the dress code here in Pittsburgh.  I start my new job Monday, and at the interview for that job, they mentioned slacks as appropriate attire.  Which made me laugh because, well, I don’t do slacks.  Of course, they said skirts were fine as well, but even I don’t want to wear skirts and dresses all the time.

So, what do I do on those days I don’t want to wear a skirt or a dress and it’s not Friday, so jeans are out of the question?  Well, I get myself some slacks.  Or, at least I try.  As it turns out, tall slack are not the easiest to find.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  There are actually quite a few options out there, but tall slacks that I actually want to wear?  That’s proven to be a different story entirely.

Still, I need some darned slacks!  So I’ve done some shopping, and I’ve actually found some darned pants!

To date, I’ve purchased these three pairs of slim fitting slacks:

Long Tall Sally check pants, LOFT tweed pants and LOFT seasonless wool pants


I just ordered the plaid pair from Long Tall Sally the other day, so I’m not sure how they’ll fit, but I’ve had pretty good luck with their clothes, so I think they’ll be good.  The other two pairs are from LOFT, and I’m very happy with them.  The top pair is a blue-gray tweed that I love and the bottom pair is made from an all-season wool that is happily non-itchy.

I do not, however, just want slim cut slacks; I’m looking to add some boot cut and wide-leg versions to my wardrobe as well.  So far, I like these pairs:

Tall wide-leg pants from Long Tall Sally, bootcut trousers from LOFT and bootcut double dobby pants from LOFT.


You can’t see it very well, but the LTS pair actually has a subtle stitch spot print and I think they’re a bit high-waisted as well.  Hooray!  The top LOFT pair is great because it looks like denim, but it’s not, so the man can’t do a darn thing to stop me from wearing them.  And I’m obsessed with the color of the bottom pair of LOFT pants; I very much like the idea of a colored trouser for work.

The above pairs are basically my picks for tall trousers.  And I also have a few tips, based on my rather harrowing experiences, for shopping for tall slacks:

  1. Long Tall Sally is great because they offer three different inseams on most of their pants (34″, 36″ and 38″) so you can find an inseam to fit you.  Or fit the heels you like to wear.
  2. Long Tall Sally runs a size large; size down and you should be fine.
  3. The Chambray Fluid Trousers from LOFT (not pictured) are very, very itchy.  I do not recommend them.
  4. LOFT pants also seem to run a size large, so I’d recommend sizing down there as well.
  5. For more traditional picks that mine above, Long Tall Sally has some great options but I also recommend JC Penney.
  6. And for more casual options, like chinos/khakis, give Gap a shot.

What about you, Reader Friends?  Do you have any tips/recommendations for shopping for tall slacks?

Thanks for reading, all!

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Already Pretty contributor Gracey hails from Fashion for Giants. She’s essentially your average blogger, except that she’s taller than average (six foot) and bigger than average (size 14). She also likes to think that she’s more amusing than average, but that could just be vanity. In addition to being tall and plus-sized (and possibly hilarious), she’s also a thrift store shopper, a vintage lover, an Oregonian, and a bike commuter.

Likes: Gracey likes to shop, to blog, and to terrify her co-workers with brightly colored outfits.

Dislikes: Robot uprisings, too-short skirts, and leggings as pants.

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Dressed for: Things That Almost Work

Already Pretty outfit featuring sweater dress, jeggings, Maison Martin Margiela work mocs, bucket bag

Sweater tunic – COS (no longer available) – similar
Jeggings – courtesy Karen Kane
Shoes – Maison Martin Margiela via eBaymore MMM shoessimilar look
Necklace – Lucky Brand (no longer available) – more Lucky Brand necklaces
Earrings – The Wellington Boot – similar look
Bag – Madewell via Shopbop

So. You met these Maison Martin Margiela shoes in my recent post on shoe alterations. They are so fabulous and well-made and really are wearable works of art. But after sitting in my closet for several months unworn, being worn with this outfit, and turning out to be too darned high for my now-used-to-flats-and-low-heels feet, I have found them a new home. Tough to style + uncomfortable means they just aren’t for me. Not anymore. Still glad I went through the experience of having a pair of shoes dyed, though, since I learned a lot about leather processing and what’s truly possible.


Also filed under Things That Almost Work? This bag. Shortly after declaring that bucket bags weren’t for me, I saw Megan carrying this beat on her blog and was intrigued. Most buckets are too small, but this one was roomy enough and had BOTH a crossbody strap and handle for easy maneuvering. Bought it, loved it, and within two uses the shoulder strap came apart. It was two strips glued together with zero stitching. I contacted Shopbop with photos and they responded to my email within 10 minutes, no lie. We agreed that I’d have the strap repaired and Shopbop would reimburse me for the cost. So the folks at George’s stitched it up for me … after informing me that the bag body was leather, but the strap was faux. HUH. Shopbop PayPal’ed me the money within an hour of receiving images of my receipts. Lesson here: Shopbop has spectacular customer service, but Madewell bags might be a little sketchy. Post-repair, I love mine but will think twice about buying from the brand again.

Already Pretty outfit featuring sweater dress, jeggings, Maison Martin Margiela work mocs, bucket bag

shop the post

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details.

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