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Happiness is hard. I don’t want it to be, but it is. Growing up I took my happiness for granted, sauntering through each day unencumbered by anxiety, self-consciousness, and doubt, never guessing that once I finally became an adult I’d often struggle to feel content, joyous, and serene. The adult world is full of debt and responsibility, comparison and fear, confusion, judgment, tough decisions, and failure. The adult world can transform happiness into a rare commodity, and many of us struggle to capture it. READ MORE

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Reader Request: Revised Tattoo

I’ve gotten a few questions about my revised ankle/leg tattoo, so I thought I’d tackle them today. Here’s what this piece¬†looked like before the revision:

tattoo before

It’s a little hard to articulate what motivated this change, but I just knew it was time to tweak. After a couple of meetings with artist Zack Kinsey, he hit the nail on the head. “It doesn’t look finished,” he said, and although I hadn’t really known it before, I agreed. This tattoo was also the one with the least compelling story and least personal meaning. It was loosely based on a drawing of mine from 15 years ago, but aside from it being “growth”-related and a design I liked, it wasn’t terribly specific or special. READ MORE

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Reader Request: How Does Petite Sizing Work?


Reader Wendy emailed me this question:

I was wondering if, at some point, you could discuss the particulars of petites. I’ve never understood whether it just applies to the length of the clothes or whether it affects the overall garment in some way. Does that make sense? I am short, but not necessarily “petite” in my frame, so sometimes petites work, but sometimes they don’t. I’d certainly appreciate it.

Great question, and one that isn’t often addressed directly. We associate the word “petite” with height, and that’s certainly a factor. But clothing that is designed for petite frames isn’t just shorter, it’s designed for a set of proportions that diverges from standard sizing in several ways: READ MORE

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