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My clients teach me so much, friends. They show me how little I really know about style and body image, and reinforce my belief that having conversations about where those two topics overlap can be a truly healing process. Before I work with a client, I ask her to do some thinking and writing, answering a handful of questions and prompts that I provide. Recently, a client sent me a 10-page response to my questions. Which I loved, because the more info and background I have, the better. And because it was abundantly clear to me that this client was smarter, more articulate, and considerably more knowledgable about garment construction than I was.


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My Three Best Beauty Decisions

In the interest of trying everything at least once, I’ve made some regrettable beauty decisions. There was that time in 6th grade where I thought matching my lips to my face a much as possible was a goal. Then I went through a phase of skunk like blonde highlights and fake tanning. For a good portion of 2009 I had almost no eyebrows. But I’ve learned. I’m older and wiser and more in touch with who I want to be and how I want to look. I am the master of my own beauty destiny, a blank slate that I can mold into whatever I want.


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Lovely Links: 2/10/17

Weekly Kitty:

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