Lately, I’ve been pondering coolness. Noting how outfits that are unbearably chic on women in magazines look like misguided games of dress-up on me. Acknowledging that certain of my blogging peers can don outlandish clothing, shoes, and accessories and make them appear artfully amazing. Seeing how some garments that exude coolness on their own suddenly become awkward and strange when worn by a person with a less-than-cool personality. Such a strange and elusive beastie, this coolness. READ MORE

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Specialty Size Resource Bonanza

Where to buy specialty sizes, including petites, plus sizes, tall sizes, wide and narrow shoes, and more!
When it comes to shopping, I’m the first to acknowledge that I’ve got it pretty easy. I’m a 10/12, or medium/large in just about everything and a size 8M shoe, which means my biggest woe is that my size is often sold out. But I’m not petite or plus-sized or tall, my feet aren’t small or large, my calves aren’t wide or narrow … I’m shaped more or less how manufacturers want me to be shaped.

But I know that many, many, MANY women are challenged to find quality, stylish clothing that fits their marvelously unique forms. Many of you are petite or plus-sized or tall, or have feet that are small or large, or calves that are wide or narrow … and while I can’t help you out with brick-and-mortar recommendations in your hometowns, I can certainly round up a few online resources for those who require specialty sized clothing and shoes. (The Insomniac Sale Picks series also includes specialty sizes as often as I can possibly find them!) READ MORE

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Make it Work

Workarounds for clothes that don't fit perfectly off the rack

No style expert worth her salt will openly condone wearing clothes that don’t fit. But THIS style expert knows that weight fluctuates, hand-me-downs happen, and occasionally a bargain lands in your lap that is so bargainous you’re willing to overlook slightly imperfect fit. (Emphasis on the slightly, I hope.) The occasional too-sheer blouse will find its way into your closet, too, as will the occasional shrunk-in-the-wash garment. So here are a few work-arounds I use when facing down challenging clothes: READ MORE

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