Reader Request: Style With Limited Choices

limited style choices

Reader J emailed me with this question:

What does one do stylistically when your choices are severely limited by other issues? After years of foot pain, I saw a podiatrist and am now the owner of orthotics which has drastically improved the pain but not my style choices. About 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with allergies to many items which has also limited what I can wear and how I can style myself. I am allergic to animal fibers (wool, cashmere, angora, mohair) and need to avoid down jackets due to a dust mite allergy. To say I am frustrated is an understatement.


Fear of Rejection


Sometimes, well oftentimes, I drive myself absolutely bonkers! And I wonder, why do I keep doing this?  What, dressing as a woman?  Nope, not that, instead, putting myself out there.  It is rather surprising to me.  To outside observer reports, apparently I am the penultimate of confidence and security.  I mean how else exactly does one dress up as a woman, interact with the general public, and actually appear normal enough?

Yet the reality is that I often feel like a small child, deathly afraid of the monster that is hiding at the end of the long dark hallway.  My instinct tells me, no, don’t do it, don’t put yourself outgg_useless_by_catmaniac8x-d61yhu8 there, don’t walk down that hall, the monster is going to rip your head off sending blood flying in all directions and you will watch as your body slumps down into the long haul of death.  And still… I take step after step, walking down that hall… anticipating the monster… waiting… watching… filled with fear and dread…


Dressed for: Olive, Denim, Brown

Already Pretty outfit featuring denim jacket, sustainable dress, Frye boots, J.W. Hulme tote

Jacket – Kut from the Kloth (no longer available) – similarsustainable
Dress – Blue Canoe (organic/sustainable)
Boots – Frye Leslie Artisan via eBay
Bag – J.W. Hulmebudget option (also sustainable)
Necklace – No Service
Earrings – Sam Edelman (no longer available) – similarsustainable
Bracelets – various – similar/sustainable

So this outfit is from a month or so ago, and I was wondering if I’d missed the window to post an ensemble featuring tall boots … but we’ve had a few cool snaps lately, so I’m throwing it into the mix before the Dog Days truly set in! Plus …