Reader Request: Cropped Pants for Cool Weather

cropped pants for winter

Reader Ali left this question in a comment:

I’m hesitant to buy all these cute short pants that are in style because I don’t know how to make use of them in the fall or winter, or on cool spring days. I realize it’s still stylish to wear in the winter, but it seems impractical. When would you wear a wool coat and scarf and NOT want to wear socks? So how do you wear those pants AND stay warm?

Ali, I feel ya. As a person living in a climate that regularly includes -30 degree winter days, I am bewildered and frustrated by the current glut of ankle-length and cropped pants. I have a couple of suggestions, but would love more if anyone has ’em!

Pair with ankle boots

This is my go-to solution. Taller ankle boots can typically slide under the hem of cropped pants, and you can wear your thickest, wooliest socks with them if need be. It’s also well within the realm of current chic to have your pant hem and ankle boot top bump up against each other. (Pinterest will back me up on this one.) If you go this route, you can still do socks – just pull them up beyond the pant hem, pick a neutral color, and don’t worry too much if a sliver peeks out.

Go skinny and tuck

This won’t work for dress pants, but anything in the casual levels below is fair game. Hem length ceases to matter if you’re tucking a skinny pant leg into a boot. Boot styles that hit mid-calf and higher will conceal everything, including hems and socks.

Do funky trouser socks with heels

I am not a huge fan of the ankle pant/sock/flat combo, but ankle pants worn with textured trouser socks or tights and wedges or heels can be cute. Like this or this. Thicker socks will make your shoes uncomfortably tight, so think heavy nylons. Speaking of which, you can certainly try nude hose for this same purpose. Both options will offer a bit of coverage, but relatively little protection from real cold.

And I’m out. Got any other advice for Ali (and me)? How do you make your cropped and ankle-length pants work for cooler weather?

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Why? Because I’ve loved the look on others. Because bras can gorgeous, and it really shouldn’t shock anyone to get a visible reminder that we wear them. Because it’s one of the few things that certain stylish French women do that really appeals to me.

How about you? Do you ever let your bra straps peek out intentionally? Do contrasting bras under sheer tops? Like the look on others, but take a pass yourself? Do tell!

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Summer is tapering off in most parts of the world, although it is going to stay Summery here in Singapore until November! I have really enjoyed this year’s Summer fashion season as much as I do love Fall. So allow me to indulge further in this season’s personal picks for a while more.

As much as I adore vivid colours and prints, there is an air of elegance in the understated style of a simple white dress.

Photo 27-8-15 6 50 38 pm

The Little White Dress is a staple in my wardrobe because it is perfect for Singapore’s perennial summer. It can be fun and flirty or it can be minimalist chic like this beauty I have on here. I was on the hunt for a LWD that would easily transition from workwear to a night about town and this dress works very well with a day or evening look.

Photo 27-8-15 6 48 14 pm

Admittedly, I am a lot more accustomed to the LBD than I am with the LWD. Infusing some white into the wardrobe has been a refreshing change.

Minimalism does not equate to boring. It simply celebrates simple, clean structured clothing. Which is why I added pops of colour with my pink heels and that statement necklace.

Photo 27-8-15 9 52 21 pm

The dress comes with the belt and it is detachable, which comes in handy if or when you’d like to improvise. The neckline is rather deep, even at the back, which I find adds a flirty vibe to this otherwise classy number.

Photo 27-8-15 9 57 29 pm Photo 27-8-15 10 00 20 pm

I took some hair inspiration from fellow AP contributor Luanne of Weesha’s World, I am a dud with hairstyles!

Would you consider the LWD more of a Summer staple or would you wear in cooler climates as well?

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, until next time!

xxxo Aarti Olivia

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Having struggled with ‘weighty’ issues most of my life, I made the decision to stop hating my body and to embrace it when I turned 30. Curves Become Her is where I talk about plus size fashion, being body positive, encourage female empowerment, and share personal anecdotes. 

I am a first generation Singaporean with Indian origins. My academic background is in psychology and psychotherapy. I consider myself a writer, feminist, and activist aside from being a plus size blogger.

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