Already Prettypoll: Signature Pieces

As a longtime style-dabbler who has only recently settled into a single genre, I’ve often wondered what it’s like to have signature pieces. I mean, a minor turning point in my own style evolution came when my tailor friend Gigi stopped by the boutique a few months back. I showed her a fit-and-flare dress that had just arrived, and she said, “Well of course you love that one. That’s your dress shape.” So I suppose for a while there, fit-and-flare dresses were my signature … but I never identified them as such. I don’t have a scarf or ring or even scent that is with me always, and my guess is that signatures cannot be forced but must instead become touchstones organically and over a long period of time. So there’ll be no picking out a signature piece and forcing it into constant rotation …

Do you have any signature pieces? Are they specific items like watches or handbags, or genres like wide leg pants or oversized scarves? How long have they been pillars of your style? What are their stories?

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Reader Request: What About Pantyhose?

when to wear pantyhose

Reader Natalie sent me this question:

I’m a bit unsure about legwear – not tights, but stockings. As a kid, my mom and grandmother taught me never to go out in a dress without them. It isn’t proper. As an adult, I am noticing that the rules for legwear aren’t as clear cut anymore. I have been challenging myself to reflect on how I feel about stockings. My feelings are mixed. I’m worried that I either look unprofessional without them, or dated and old with them. Are there any rules on how to wear stockings? How can I make them look young and fun, rather than old and dowdy?

I could’ve sworn I’ve written about this topic before, but can’t find any posts that specifically address the question of pantyhose. So. Let do this.

Bottom line: If you feel more comfortable wearing nude nylons, then by all means do so. As you may have heard, the Middleton ladies wear them frequently, and both are current style icons. Plus I know lawyers are generally required to wear them in court. Hose have come a long way over the years, and today’s nudes can really disappear against your skin. If you wear them, try to find a high-quality pair/brand that works with your specific skin tone.

Now. In my opinion, wearing pantyhose with a casual sundress and sandals may look a little awkward. Wearing pantyhose to a business casual office might seem like overkill. And nowadays most women do bare legs in summer, tights in winter, and hose only for very specific occasions. (Here in the States, anyway.) Nylons are, to some extent, representative of an bygone era and wearing them may date you. Especially if they’re obvious and/or worn in a casual context.

I’m not gonna hand down any rules for the wearing of pantyhose because I don’t really dig rules. This is a question that many women feel very strongly about on both sides, and there’s room in the world for nylon-wearers and nylon-shunners. Some women may prefer to do hose because of scarring or discoloration in their legs, to add color without tanning (fake or otherwise), or because they just feel more pulled-together with them on. Others love tights – and wear sheer patterned tights for transitional seasons – but see hose as a thing of the past. Wherever you fall, you’ll have supporters and naysayers. So you must decide for yourself.

Over to you: What are your thoughts on nylons/pantyhose? Always? Never? Only for formal occasions?

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My Winter Strategy: It’s all about texture

Yours Clothing plus size fuzzy cardigan, embellished top and leggings, Sam Edelman leopard print booties, New Look statement choker necklace Yours fuzzy cardigan and embellished top

Fuzzy Cardian- Yours Clothing

Statement Collar necklace (old)- New Look

Embellished sleeveless top- Yours Clothing

Leggings- Yours Clothing

Boots- Sam Edelman (out of stock) similar here and here 

I always struggle with winter clothing because everything becomes so utilitarian, I usually end up stuck in a rut with leggings and sweaters. However, since I’m lucky enough to live in a place where the coldest it will ever get is about 10°C ( I’m sure most of you are laughing at that), I don’t have to worry about wearing anything too heavy duty. There really is no excuse for me to fail at achieving some holiday glamour when so many of you ladies manage to do it at temperatures starting with a minus sign.

So, this year, I am trying to play with textures in an attempt to be comfortable but still feel like I’m expressing my sense of style. I’ve invested in lots of fuzzy and faux things – faux fur vests, pleather, and I’ve even thrown in some sequined sweaters.

Layering usually involves lots of sweaters or jackets or boots flying across my room but I guess it’s nice to be challenged for a few months. If all else fails, I’ll just stick to black and throw on something leopard print!

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