Building Your Style Through Basics

Why you should build your wardrobe using classic and basic pieces.

Once upon a time, anĀ online makeover client came to me feeling a bit lost. She’d been an adventurous dresser in college, experimenting with punky/alternative looks and really embracing her quirkier side, but had fallen into a self-described Ann Taylor rut in recent years. She was bored of looking in the mirror and feeling bored with her clothes.

So we corresponded a bit, and she sent me links to tons of TOTALLY FANTASTIC dresses from Modcloth and Trashy Diva that were inspiring her at the time. Stuff with fun silhouettes and retro flair, gorgeous prints and fantastic detailing. I drooled over these dresses and skirts myself, and was excited for her to try ’em all. READ MORE

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Compare and Contrast


Talking about bodies, and self-image, and how we feel about how we look is EXTREMELY important. Learning to love ourselves is a lot harder when we just let those insidious internal monologues run rampant. So we bounce our ideas and emotions off of trusted friends and admired mentors, and we gain strength and wisdom through their caring input. We do this instinctively, and our instincts serve us well.

Yet sometimes these body image discussions can backfire. READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 11/10/17

Weekly Kitty:

Harriet vs. Giant Shoelace.

What’s on the MOMA’s list of iconic fashion items? The answer might surprise you. (Hint: Wonderbra.)

Danielle wore this stellar outfit to London Fashion Week, and I popped it into my Graphic Tee Outfit Ideas board for safekeeping.

Looking to simplify your life (or wardrobe)? Consider a packing party.

Inexpensive Boots: Favorites For Staying In Style & On Budget

“The demand from consumers seems to have previously fed the fast fashion beast, however, it can also slow it down in favour of ‘slow fashion.’ Thanks to innovative designers, campaigners and media, consumers seem to be losing interest in their love affair with fast fashion. Examples of this shift are suggested through the loss of profits for fast fashion giants Topshop (-16% 2017), H&M (-20% 2015) and French Connection (-6% 2017).” READ MORE

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