Lovely Links: 9/15/17

Weekly Kitty:

Simon in the round.

Sarah Anne’s retro-influenced ensemble is so perfect for early fall. Love the collar on that dress!

Dark florals are another great transitional option for summer-to-fall wear.

This season, fashion ads were more inclusive than the runway shows.

Speaking of laudable campaigns, the new Eileen Fisher fall ads are all about inclusion and power.

I’ve sampled at least six bras that claim to minimize digging into your tender back parts, and this front-close Montelle bra is the only one that really works for me. I learned recently they’ve discontinued the style, so I stocked up! (C-cups and above, so you smaller gals might try the Spanx Bra-llelujah. Not quite as smooth, but close.) READ MORE

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Flexible Style


I’ve spent a long time refining my personal style. A loooooooong time, my friends. I first described my style as “arty-eclectic with a broad streak of retro influence” many years ago, and once I had that nailed, I decided to switch to badassery. I’ve defined how I want to look, accumulated a wardrobe full of pieces that align with my style goals, and cultivated an eye for items that will fit naturally with my established aesthetic. READ MORE

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Reader Request: Shopping for Quality and Longevity

how to shop for quality clothes

Bubu asked:

I wonder if you might do a post on shopping for quality/longevity. I find some stores, like Ann Taylor or L.L. Bean, have pretty good and consistent quality in construction and holding up to washing, etc, or really good return policies. But the Gap, for example, is much more uneven, and I’ve just stopped shopping at Old Navy because everything loses its shape after a wash. Especially when thrifting or buying at a place like T.J. Maxx, which have a hodgepodge, how can you assess how the piece will hold up with wear and tear and washing? READ MORE

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