Curology Brings Dermatology To Your Doorstep

I’m just going to warn you right now that this will probably like sponsored content, but it’s not. Now don’t get me wrong, I would totally be a filthy corporate whore if the choice was presented to me, but no such luck here. However if any of the lovely people from Curology read this and would like to give me free stuff in the future, I wouldn’t be too broken up about it.

No, I am actually genuinely excited about this to an obnoxious and cheerleader-ish degree. This service joins my two great loves, skin care and convenience, in holy matrimony. I’ve recently relocated to Philadelphia, so my insurance situation has been in limbo. I refused to let that stop me from caring for my skin. If I got hit by a car right now I’d be entirely fucked, but god damn it I would have my Retin-A! If you have similarly terrible priorities or just don’t want the hassle of visiting a dermatologist Curology is for you.


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Lovely Links: 1/13/17

Weekly Kitty:


Anuschka shares nine ways to boost your style confidence and have more fun dressing this year, and I ADORE them. Body-positive, encouraging, and bold.

Red has long been my favorite color, so I loved this one: Reflections on the Meaning of Red in Art, Fashion and Film

Speaking of red, nothing zaps you out of the winter dressing doldrums like a bold red coat – Melanie’s is such a classic style.

And let’s make it a trio: Does Red Make You Sexier?


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Taste, Creativity, and Boden

A while back, I wrote a bit about how my style has evolved since I began blogging. I opened that post with these two photos from my bloggy beginnings in 2007:

As I mentioned in that older post, I am wearing head-to-toe Boden in both of these shots. Although I didn’t own a closet full of Boden at the time, outfits like these were my staples back in the day: Solid top, cute embellished skirt, the end. I credit Boden with sparking my style obsession; I saw a catalog at a friend’s house six or seven years ago and my head caved in. Something about the clean-but-quirky design aesthetic just slayed me, and began accumulating as many pieces as I could afford. (And maybe a few that I couldn’t quite afford.) They looked like clothes I’d design for myself, if I had that skill set, and suited my taste perfectly.


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