Reader Request: Clothes that Move

Clothes for active jobs

Esti asked:

I’d love to hear your take on how to dress for a job where it’s important to look nice but be able to move. I’ve worked in libraries for awhile, and though there’s plenty of desk time, pencil skirts aren’t good for pushing book carts, sitting on the floor and stretching/climbing to re-shelve books. I imagine teachers (especially of young kids) have some of the same issues, and I’m sure other professions do as well. I’m pretty good at finding outfits that work for me, but I could definitely use some more ideas, especially from a fellow skirt-and-dress devotee. READ MORE

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Weekly Kitty:

Little princess.

Bianca’s mix of aubergine and rust is perfection.

CBS’ ‘We Need To Talk’ Launches Series Examining Body Image In Female Athletes

“While it’s not unusual for fashion brands to donate a portion of proceeds to a charitable organization or cause, the 21st century has seen a number of clothing and accessories companies fight trafficking by training and employing the women affected. In addition to Outland Denim, ‘profit-for-purpose’ companies like Purpose Jewelry, Malia Designs, and Elegantees are leading the charge.” READ MORE

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Reader Request: Styling White Jeans

styling white jeans

Reader Sarah had this request:

I was wondering if you could point me to a post or you could do one on styling white jeans. I finally found a pair that feels flattering and now I am excited to experiment with looks. They look so cute for the spring and summer, but in some ways because they go with everything, it is hard to figure out how to highlight their good attributes.

Although I don’t wear mine terribly often, I love the look of a bright white jean. And I agree with Sarah that they can be very versatile but also very tricky. Here are my tips for making them work: READ MORE

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