Care About Fashion. But Not Too Much.

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When I was in college, I got scolded by a guy for not caring enough about my clothes. He took it upon himself to tell me that I’d be so much prettier if I’d just put on a dress once in a while. He was an acquaintance, not a friend, and he felt it was important to let me know that my lack of interest in fashion was affecting his perception of me. And potentially the perceptions of others. I did not care enough about fashion.

The receptionist at my old job was an older gal and famously grumpy. She was one of those people whose compliments always felt backhanded and acidic. She made a point of commenting whenever I wore something she perceived to be new – items that, nine times out of ten, I’d had for years but not yet worn to the office. When I told her I was writing a book, she lit up. When I told her what it was about, she pulled a grimace. I cared too much about fashion.


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The Size That Fits

Recently I received a question that was more than a bit forward, “what size bra do you wear?”  Maybe I am wrong, but I don’t think this is an average question that many women ask each other.  Though admittedly I am a bit of a personal style blogger, which might make it so that some feel more free to ask such questions, but still I think it is a bit odd.

First off, what difference is it going to make to anyone, knowing what size bra I wear if you don’t know any of my other measurements?  Any size bra is going to fit radically different on someone who measures 30 inches around their chest than someone who measures 40 inches around their chest.  Not to mention the possible variations once we start getting into measuring across the bust, which is something that many transgender people do not get to worry over.


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Lovely Links: 3/17/17

Weekly Kitty:

Simon maxin’ and relaxin’ on the comforter while we wash the duvet cover.

Ashi is radiant in monochrome burgundy with leopard accents.

For a lot of people who suffer from low self esteem and low confidence due to body image we constantly go through this procedure of apologising to others for how we look. We may not notice we do it, but it’s definitely a thing that happens. From little things like making excuses as to why a pair of jeans no longer fit, to apologising to someone sitting next to you on a busy bus, we, for some reason, constantly feel the need to apologise for existing.” (Not safe for work viewing)


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