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I believe that learning to love your body is vital.

I believe that learning to love your body – no matter what that body looks like, feels like, has done, will do, or won’t do – can help you lead a more fulfilling life.

I believe that learning to love your body through acceptance and patience, understanding and tenderness, can open you up to a world of opportunities and joy.

But I don’t believe that learning to love your body is easy or quick or a process that can be accelerated. It can take a long time. A really, frustratingly long time. It can take years or decades. It might even take most of your lifetime.


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Growing up with a gender variance made me super suspicious and fearful of people.  I grew up with the belief that it would be super negative if I ever let anybody in on my terrible secret.  I didn’t need to be told this directly, I just knew that this was how it was supposed to be.  This is, after all, a country in which many transgender people lose their homes, their jobs, their families, their lives, at the revelation of being transgender.  In many ways, the public is certainly a thing to be afraid of.  Which is why during my first few years of being out, the thing I felt most deeply was suspicious of other people.


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Simon still enjoys our luxurious pillow setup.

I Didn’t Need A Partner Or A ‘Perfect’ Body For Boudoir Photos — And Neither Do You

In an industry dominated by thin, cis, white bodies, it can be difficult to wade through to find intersectional blogs and influencers in the beauty industry. With that in mind, Rosewater shares some fabulous Instagram accounts that focus on beauty and makeup that break through the stereotypes of beauty standards, including bloggers of various skin tones, faiths, and gender identities.


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