Recent Stylings

I’m still pretty zapped from all the Rowan Kitty events of the weekend. So here are some gratuitous outfit photos to tide you over until my brain is back online. Which will be soon, I promise.

Wiener dog shirt (click to enlarge!): Via’s Vintage, Minneapolis, MN
Chunky chain necklace: Antique fair in Chicago
White tee: American Apparel, online
Denim mini: Gap Outlet, Albertville, MN
Cowboy boots: Frye Campus, via

Black blazer: Gap
Teal and green l/s tees: Target
Black resin necklace: Target
Black A-line: Banana Republic
Fuchsia tights: Target
Heidi boots: John Fluevog

Oatmeal bolero: Anthropologie, via my girl enc
Raspberry sweater shell: Ann Taylor Loft
Brown skirt: The Mexican Shop, Evanston, IL
Brown ribbed tights: DKNY via Marshall’s
Haight platforms: John Fluevog

More outfits and photos on my Flickr page! And more substantive stuff – including photos of me in an ill-fitting bra – can be found over at my Capessa blog, Look & Feel.

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Rowan is Home

She’s sitting right next to my chair in our home office, snug on a blanket with a space heater blowing in her little kitty face. Her pain meds make her REALLY groggy, so I’ve been a little freaked out by her unshakable lethargy post-medication … but now that her morning dose is wearing off a little, she’s more alert. She’s gone to the kitchen to drink, used the litter box, and walked around the living and dining rooms a bit. Mike even got her to roll over so we could scratch her belly … which we did very gingerly around the staples. (Which, by the way, look JUST like office staples. Creepy.)

We don’t normally let the cats sleep with us, but made an exception last night. We installed her in the living room with food, water, and litterbox … but left the bedroom door open. She visited three times, positioning herself in the most awkward possible spots and making sleeping nearly impossible. But I was so delighted that she made the trek into our room and up the set of pet stairs onto the bed, I didn’t care at all.

Being me, I am too worried to leave the house today and will just stay home and write and nurse her. Simon is still adjusting and continues to be wary, but also a little careless: He steps on her belly, which just makes me yelp in dismay and alarm. Might have to separate them when we’re not around.

Hoping I will have gained a little more confidence by tomorrow, as it’s actually really busy at the office and I can’t miss another day.

Thanks again for all your well wishes, and more updates to come …

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This week I love …

… my new hat!

“New” in the sense that it was worn for the first time this week. Fear not, the ban hasn’t been violated. I bought this chapeau WEEKS ago at Covered‘s new shop in Uptown. It was only $40 – potentially the cheapest thing in the shop – and it was love at first sight. You can’t tell too well from the photos, but it’s a little asymmetric – and I exaggerate this by yanking the enlarged part of the brim off toward Aunt Martha’s.

I adore hats, and they suit me. But I am still working on accumulating enough confidence to actually WEAR them. This one took a stroll around campus with me on Thursday, and I worked every minute to keep myself from worrying that people thought I was a showy fool. And after a few minutes, I embraced my bravery and strode a little stronger.

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