Splendid Source for Sparklies

When the fine folks at Ice.com asked if I’d be interested in checking out their wares, I thought about it for exactly 0.23 miliseconds before saying, “YESSSSS!!!” We all know I’m an accessory fiend, and always on the lookout for affordable adornment sources, so I was very excited to see what this online purveyor of fine jewelry had to offer.

My girl Nadia offered to send me a sample piece so that I could judge product quality for myself. She asked me to select an item for $100 or less, and although it was absolutely painful to pare down my choices, I eventually requested these pups:

Never enough hoop earrings, says I. And I just adore the look of marcasites: Classy, art deco-y, and sparkly without being gaudy. This pair was a little smaller than the size that I generally wear, but I knew they’d suit me nonetheless.

When my Ice.com package arrived two days later, I discovered that they’re very serious about packaging and branding.

Every layer included the company’s logo. Even that little black pouch had a silver tip on the drawstring with Ice.com etched into it. The earrings also came with a certificate of authenticity, in case I need to to prove their marcesitude to anyone:

The earrings themselves were heavy, well-made, and gloriously sparkly. I wore them the very next day and was deeply pleased with my selection. My only objection to this particular pair was that the marcasites didn’t go all the way around the hoop on both sides. The earrings were carefully constructed so that, when viewed on an earlobe, marcasites were visible both outside and in … but the embellishment was only present on visible surface area and if you moved your head, the blank spots might show. However, this technique may have to do with how deeply the marcasites are set into the silver, and it certainly didn’t bother me enough to prevent me from wearing and loving these gorgeous earrings.

Before selecting my earrings, I spent a decent chunk of time casing the Ice.com site, and utilized several search methods. I found the site incredibly easy to navigate, with both search and clickable options that predict common queries. I got excellent results from keyword searches, and had a grand time cruising around drooling over the gorgeous goods.

The site’s selection runs the gamut from simple, affordable hoops like these to gem-encrusted necklaces for thousands of clams. Styles range from classic to flashy, modern to cutesy and everything in between. Although offerings are mainly precious metals, gems, and pearls with relatively little in the plastics-and-fauxs department, it’s a pretty comprehensive little jewelry resource.

Take a peek and see if you don’t find a Valentine’s present for yourself in ten minutes or less. Use code ICWUT when you check out for an additional 20% off, and happy, sparkly shopping!

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This week I love … UPDATED!


I am not the first blogger to profess undying love for Melissa shoes, nor will I be the last. But since I FINALLY received my birthday-present-to-myself pair of dark purple Vinils last week, this fabulous line of funky footwear is top of mind. In case you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Melissa shoes are essentially jellies for grown-ups. Based in Brazil, the company has been praised for producing chic, eco-friendly designs from entirely man-made materials and drooled over for collaborating with such luminaries as Vivienne Westwood, Alexandre Herchcovitch, and Edson Matsuo. As for me, I just loooooove the colors!

All of the links above are to the Melissa online shop for Aussies, but as far as I can tell they ship internationally. If you’re loving these shoes but looking to shop in the U.S., try Tobi, Akira Chicago, Modachique, Eluxury, or Epaulet.

Oooh, and if you’ve got another Melissa-selling outlet, please share. I would prefer to stalk my favorite styles via as many avenues as possible.

UPDATED: Girls, I’m such a dork! Did I give any info on these shoes as actual wearables? No. Durr.

Although I donned mine on a reeeeeally cold day, and therefore with tights, I didn’t have any problems with hot, sweaty feet as one might expect with plastic shoes. Not sure how they’ll fare come summer, but I have high hopes. They’ve got some light padding on the sole and are quite comfortable, even with a massively high wedge. I give my vinils a big thumbs up so far.

If anyone else has worn Melissas and has opinions about fit, temperature issues, or anything else, please pipe up!

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All Smiles

I can’t resist sharing more of the photos Husband Mike took a few weeks back.

When Joanna approached me about doing a guest post for Smitten, she mentioned that I should include a photo of myself. This was both thrilling and alarming. Sure, I had 16 bajillion outfit shots … taken at night in my crappy hallway with our dying point-and-shoot. I didn’t have anything GOOD.

Luckily, I am married to a professional photographer.

Revelations from this shoot:

1. Although I am an expert at smiley face, I can’t do pouty face. I just end up looking like I’m about to eat your family. Or like I’m trying NOT to spit out my gum.

2. I also can’t pose. Like, at all. Mike would say, “Do something with your arms.” And I’d say, “But what? What WHAT WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT???!?!???!??” And then go back to crossing them.

3. I had this awesome idea for a really sexy kinda-crouched-over pose. Great in theory, but I mostly looked like a hunchbacked hooker in the finished shots. (This is the least offensive of the set.) Mike is a patient man who knows I require visible proof that my loony notions aren’t working out.

4. I’m fairly certain that having the man you love behind the lens makes you look WAY PRETTIER in the finished photos. Cuz, you guys, I rarely look this hot under normal circumstances.

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