Hey, I can make up new words if I want to. I’ve decided that we need a new word for blogging love, hence b’love. And I got some of it two weeks ago from the brilliant, brave, and beautiful Hammie without even knowing it. Oh, fer cluelessness!

Thank you, Hammie, for this recognition, praise, and b’love. My ongoing stream of hugs continues to focus itself on your house.

The rules state that I have to pass this gold card of joy along to 5 blogging buddies, including one new one. FUN! And so I choose:

Spandex Pony whose smarts and sass put her firmly into the kindred spirit category.

Bits and Bobbins, who will be far too busy tending to her new babe to respond, but whose blog makes my brain whirl and grind in the best possible ways.

Pacific Rain, whose photos and writing make me want to move to the Pacific Northwest. Preferably into her home so that she can cook for me and make me adorable pillows.

My Life as a Cat Nanny, a fellow Mpls style blogger and all-around awesome woman.

And as for the newbie …

Fashion for Nerds, who is so cute and stylish it makes me levitate in my chair.

OK, goils, let’s get crackin’. Spread the b’love!

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And I Wasn’t Even That Full Afterwards

Very little style to be found in this post, my friends. But since some of you hail from far off lands, and since I have bragged endlessly about the unparalleled awesomeness of this event, I am going to indulge in a ridiculously long photo essay about our trip to the Minnesota State Fair yesterday.

Although I am a picky eater who does her best to maintain a balanced diet, I do, in fact, have a healthy appetite. Here, let me prove it to you.

This is me with a donut batter-dipped, deep fried Milky Way served on a stick. And milk. This was breakfast. At 9 a.m.

It basically tastes like the world’s most fantastic, warm, chocolate-filled donut.

Because a candy bar covered in donuts isn’t quite sweet enough, they dip it in powdered sugar, too. And I never fail to slob it all over myself.

Husband Mike prefers actual donuts to donut-encased candy, so he grabbed some Tiny Tims. They prepare them right in front of your eyes and they are hot and sugary and melt in your mouth.

As I mentioned, Husband Mike’s photo got into the Fine Arts competition this year, which is a HUGE deal. Here it is in its fab red frame. He did not win a ribbon of any sort, which incensed me. Especially as the first place photo was a sappy image of a Halloween garland woven into a white picket fence. Bleargh. But overall, it was a great year in the Fine Arts Building. I only saw a handful of pieces that made me think, “How did THAT get in?!?”

We were pretty hungry after that, so Mike got a footlong hotdog, and I got a corndog. Then it was on to the Agriculture Building.

So, seed art, right? There was this lovely woman named Lillian Colton who used to do extremely intricate portraits of famous folk using various types of seeds as her medium. She passed away a few years ago, but her portraits are still displayed.

Some slightly cruder seed art also makes it in. The gun says, “Tasers kill,” which will, no doubt, aggravate Imelda Matt.

I adore the vintage seed sacks. So colorful. I always want to steal a few, but have no idea what I’d do with them once pilfered.

I love the honeys. Wait, did that sound creepy?

We were pretty hungry after that, so we stepped out of the Ag Building to get some batter fried cheese curds. A State Fair tradition!

Then we ducked back in to see the giant pumpkins. The prize winner was 834 pounds this year.

Then it was on to see the butter heads.

Each year at the fair, several beauty queens receive the title Princess Kay of the Milky Way. As you can see from the placard above, all winners get their likenesses carved from 90 pound blocks of butter while sitting in a rotating freezer for 6 to 8 hours.

Pretty amazing, no?

Did I mention that a lot of people attend this fair?


Next up: ANIMALS!

Mike pointed out that many of the chickens had really lovely patterns in their feathers, which would make gorgeous fabrics. And I agree.

This is from a guinea hen.

The goats had not yet arrived, much to my disappointment. We also peeked in at the cows, but it’s kind of a boring barn. The cows all face in towards each other, so it’s just long lines of cowbutts. No petting allowed. Boo.

The sheep, however, were totally pettable.

Although, some of them frightened us with their Klan-like garb.

And there was STYLE to be had in the Sheep Barn! The teens who show livestock in competition are made to dress up. We saw a very surly looking girl in a black strapless dress, but also this adorable young lady. I caught her mid-sentence so she looks a little odd, but believe me, she was cute as a button. And, of course, please note her awesome coat and scarf, which matches that of her sheep. If she doesn’t win, it’ll be a crime.

We were pretty hungry after that, and saw these gents and their minihorse racing carts on our way to the most important event of the visit.

The bucket of fries.

I really love fries, you guys.

Mind you, Husband Mike helped. But I think I did most of the eating. When you order at that counter, you can see the poor, hot, greasy teens putting fresh, whole potatoes through a mill, frying them immediately, and then dishing them out in great heaps to happy consumers. It’s a sight that brings tears to my eyes.

Not documented here: The menacing geese and highly vocal ducks in the Poultry Barn, the Swine Barn’s 1,270 pound boar, our ride on the 95-year-old tunnel of love called Ye Old Mill, weird shopping at the Coliseum where Husband Mike got some custom sunglass clips made on the spot, and the nitrogen-frozen ice cream we had at 3 p.m. before heading back to the car.

We’ll be going back on Thursday to visit the goats and see the llamas run the obstacle course. My friends A Click in the Dark and No Name Slob tell me that there will be a fake forest and fake rain and other such scary crap for the llamas to contend with. I can’t WAIT.

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This week I love …

Nora Zehetner‘s character, Laura, from the film Brick.

Actually, I love absolutely EVERYTHING about the film Brick, from the writing to the acting to the hilarious self-referencing to the gorgeous music to seeing that sweet kid from Third Rock from the Sun blossom into a full-blown hottie.

But Laura’s costumes were simply smashing. I wanted everything she wore and a pixie cut to match. This film was released in 2005 and she was already rocking a feather hair clip. (I was just drooling over one yesterday, which is why she sprang to mind.)

In fact, let’s take a closer look at that:

SMASHING, I tell you. Those costumers must’ve been shopping at Bona Drag before I even knew it existed. Laura’s outfits were a delicious blend of hipster cool, old Hollywood glamor, and irresistible gamine. Sounds like a bizarre combo, I know, but it totally worked.

In case you’ve never heard of this movie and these stills aren’t enough to entice, let me synopse a bit: Brick is a noir-style murder mystery set in a present-day California high school. The characters talk like Bogart and Grahame, with some modern slang thrown in here and there, and they talk FAST so be prepared. The main character’s ex-girlfriend gets embroiled in a drug deal that goes south, and she ends up dead in a drainage ditch. He’s still enamored of her and decides to investigate the crime. Soon, he’s embroiled himself, and frantically piecing together information from the school’s prima donna actress, from a lowlife junkie-punk, from the local kingpin’s musclebound bodyguard, and even from the lovely, cagey, brainy Laura. It’s complex and clever and beautifully filmed.

Oh, and Lukas Haas from Witness plays the villain. And he’s masterful. Please add to your Netflix queue immediately. Or tell me where you live and I’ll be right over with my copy of the DVD and a large bowl of popcorn.

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