Rowan Update

Soooo, Rowan’s surgery went … OK. The tumor was more deeply embedded in her liver than we’d hoped, and involved her vena cava and several other major arteries, so it was pretty tough to get out. She bled a lot and they told me they nearly lost her during surgery. Ten scary minutes.

Also just found out that her blood pressure dropped a TON about an hour after I talked to the surgeon and the ICU vet had tried to call us … but Husband Mike, bless him, had given them a hybrid phone number of my cell and work phones. Although the SURGEON had my real number from my consult with him that morning, the computer at the vet’s office hadn’t been updated.

Mike just pointed out that it’s actually a good thing we didn’t get that transfusion-related call. I wouldn’t have slept a wink knowing that Ro got all hypertensive after surgery and nearly died AGAIN.

Anyway, they’re keeping her until 5 p.m. today to make sure she remains stable. She has been stable for a while, but they want to be sure. Which is fine with me. She’s eaten a little, which is such a relief to me. And I hope so much to go pick her up around dinner time.

Thanks for indulging my sick-kitty-talk on my style and body image blog. ;)

P.S. Simon seems to have adjusted well to life as a bachelor kitty. Hope there won’t be any welcome home hissing …

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OK, So Three Things, You Guys

Thing number 1: Thank you all so much for your well wishes for Rowan. You are all awesome, and I truly appreciate your support. I am home from work in High-gear Worry Mode, as is Simonkitty, who looks up from my lap at every noise, clearly expecting Mrs. Ro to come waltzing in. I will keep you posted when I hear anything from the surgeon. But let us distract ourselves with happier thoughts for the time being, such as …

Thing number 2, Exhibit A:

Thing number 2, Exhibit B:

CLEARLY, my gorgeous coworker Tiffany and I are twin sisters, separated at birth. She’d warned me that she was going to buy this Anthropologie bolero in that amazing coral shade – which I’d said I was certain would make me look like Jaundiced Jane. And I told her that there was no doubt in my mind we’d wear our matching garments on the same day. And was I right?

I was SO right. It was Pink Pants Day all over again.

Thing number 3: You may recall that I already own this bolero in navy and lamented the fact that it went on sale post-ban. How, then, did I come by this gorgeously earthy oatmeal version? Well, I got a little care package this week from my girl enc. And by “care package,” I literally mean a package brimming with care. Could I ask for a more generous, supportive, and downright amazing friend? Heck no! Thank you, enc, for your unrelenting awesomeness. Please see evidence above of just how happy your gift made me.

BUT THAT IS NOT ALL. Oh you thought we were done with thing number 3 , but you couldn’t be more wrong. Check THIS out:

That’s right, my dear, dear girlfriend of 12+ years, Tehilah, sent me the coral version as a mondo early Hanukkah present. So first off, HOLY BUCKETS DO I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS EVER OR WHAT?!?!? Sorry. I just can’t believe the generosity I’ve experienced this week! It blows me away! Tehilah, you are sweeter than all the hamantashen in the world. Thank you, beautiful.

AND PLUS, that coral actually works on me … I think. I basically stole Tiff’s all-black idea, and it looks damned swanky, no?

Sigh. I am such a lucky goil.

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Feline interlude: HEALED

So Mrs. Ro has a very large, albeit benign, cyst on her liver that’s pushing her innards around. She isn’t in any pain and has been totally fine behavior-wise, but is losing weight since the cyst has displaced part of her stomach.

We finally saved up the dough for her surgery, and she is headed in to have it removed this morning. Please send all your available good-vibeage her way.

And mine, too. She’s my baby girl and I can’t imagine what I’d do without her.

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