This week I love …

… Saundra Messinger.

As a silvertone purist and a fool for organic shapes, how could I NOT love Messinger’s work? She works primarily in brushed and hammered silver, creating irregular curves and angles and tucking tiny diamonds into the most unexpected places. Her designs have an elegant simplicity and subtle luxury that I find irresistible: I see these pieces and think, “Arty, classy, wealthy, independent.”

That whole “wealthy” thing has posed a roadblock to me actually PROCURING any of Messinger’s jewelry thus far. Although her delicate, refined little pendants are extremely affordable, it’s the chunkier stuff that calls to me … natch.

More gorgeous pieces available at Giving Tree, Silverado, and Katy Beh. Do let me know if you purchase one so I can drool all over my keyboard.

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Already Prettypoll: Your First Love

Since we’re coming up on one of the big family-centric holidays of the year, how about a highly nostalgic Already Prettypoll?

What was your first favorite piece of clothing? The first item that you adored with every fiber of your being, wore until it was in tatters, or used to define your early personal style?

Mine was no style-definer, but the story surrounding it says a lot about who I am as a person. When I was four years old, my mom made me a KICK-ASS Wonder Woman costume for Halloween. I mean, I had wristbands, crown, and eagle-adorned bodice, my friends. I was completely outfitted. And I wore that thing every day she’d let me until it was coming apart at the seams. I insisted on wearing it to nursery school, around the house, out to eat … nothing made me happier than to saunter around in that costume.

I am still like that: Loyal, stubborn, and willing to wear an item that I love until it is absolutely broken. And I attribute my bizarre love of wearing matching cuff bracelets on both wrists to my undying love for Wonder Woman.

And you? What was your first stylistic love? Don’t feel obliged to reach back to the preschool mark just because I did! Just try to summon up the first key piece that squoze your heart with its specialness.

Image via starpulse.

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