Bad Shopping Karma

You know how something occasionally comes up on eBay that you SORTA want because it’s almost exactly like an item you’ve been looking for, but not quite? And you think about it for days and days, and check on it obsessively, and no one is bidding? And finally you think, oh hell, I might as well?

And then within a DAY the actual exact thing you’ve been looking for shows up for sale?


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I Laughed So Much That Rowan Jumped Out of My Lap in Disgust

I was fortunate enough to catch the attention of Blogtations last week, and now a tidbit from my beauty/brains post is enshrined there forevah! The tidbit happens to be the one in which I refer to myself as a hobo with good teeth … but hey, that’s sure to spark some reader curiosity, right? Let’s hope.

Anyway, Blogtations is running a contest with a juicy $50 Amazon gifty certificate as the prize. To participate, I’ve got to pick my favorite quote from the site and share it with y’all. It took me approximately 4 seconds to find THE quote. And it made me laugh so hard that I angered my girl cat, who promptly leaped from my lap and stalked out of the room. She would not stand for such offensive noise and lap-jigglage.

Here it go:

Some company just came out with a scale that tells you your weight in animals. I can’t think of anything more insulting than being told I weigh as much as a hog, or half of a bear. Is this really working for anyone? Does any woman wake up and say “Oh I only weigh 8 ducks today. That’s not so bad.” I don’t think so. By the way, I just did the math and I weigh a satchel of 60 smallish ferrets, or 62,000 newborn hummingbirds.
~The Blogess

HAH! I so wish I knew how many badgers I weigh.

All are welcome to enter the contest, of course. Click here for the rules!

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Here. Have a Giggle.

The new hair has already grown out a little, but is still too short for a ponytail. So before I go to bed, I put it in pigs. And the process is a little comical. Let me show you.

I look a little sickly here for some reason, but just to give you an idea of the “before” state of coif.

Hmm. That look is so familiar …

Ahh yes, THAT’S who I look like every night after approximately three brush strokes. If you’re unfamiliar with Roseanne Roseannadanna, please, PLEASE watch this clip from Gilda Radner’s stint at the Winter Garden Theater in 1979.

OK, on with the hair show. ( The jokes are pretty much over, so if you haven’t giggled by now, feel free to go back to your Google Reader pile.)

Voila: Pigs. I am now ready to go to the gym or to bed!

I prefer bed, FYI.

(Roseanne photo via

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