Ways to Reconnect with Your Body

how to reconnect with your body

Did you look at yourself in the mirror today and think, “Damn, I am GORGEOUS!”? Or did you think something more like, “My ass is the size of Cuba,” or, “Wasn’t acne supposed to let up after puberty?” or maybe just, “Bleargh!”?

Or did you even look at yourself in the mirror at all? I mean really look. More than just a passing glance to make sure your shirt wasn’t embarrassingly wrinkled or pants encrusted with dog hair. Did you see your own body today? Did you acknowledge it? Or did you take its miraculous workings for granted?


Building a Classic Accessory Wardrobe

classic accessories

My stylistic evolution began with clothes, moved on to shoes, and eventually began to encompass accessories. It took me a while to recognize the true power of jewelry, belts, scarves, and other embellishments to add personality, flair, and interest to an outfit.

But now that I’ve seen the light, I worship at the Accessory Altar. I know now that creative accessorization can save a drab outfit from hopelessness, and elevate a good outfit to greatness. I know that accessories can add texture to the bland, sparkle to the dull, and definition to the formless. I know that accessories MAKE an outfit.


Striking a Balance

comfort and style

My body requires constant vigilance. At this point in my adult life, if I stop working out for a month, or eat nothing but cheeseburgersĀ for two weeks, or don’t condition my hair for a week, or forget deodorant for more than an hour … things go wrong. My body likes its routine. It demands very specific and regimented sets of care-activities to remain in my preferred version of “working order.” And when I slack off, when I stop paying attention, things change shape and texture. I get stinky and jiggly and sometimes I even get sick. I have to redouble my efforts to reestablish physical equilibrium.