What Do You Want to Look Like?

how to dress

What style of dressing are you most drawn to? Boho? Rockabilly? Classic? What style of dressing is the one you’d adopt if you had unlimited cash, unlimited time, a completely nurturing environment, and the ideal body shape to pull it off? Arty? Girly? Rocker? What style of dressing have you wished to emulate for years? What do you want to look like?

Now. Why can’t you look like that?

I’m not being cheeky, I swear! I want you to think about the barriers that stand between you and your this longed-for personal style. Consider what is keeping you from dressing, looking, and feeling the way you’ve always dreamed. Jot down a list. Seriously.


Eight Kinds of Awesome

Husband Mike and I are making preparations to plow through several episodes of Season 3 “Bones.” I am on the basement sofa, engulfed in our giant, white, down comforter that we refer to as “the meringue.” He is putting the DVD in the player.

Husband Mike: The final disc of this season only has three episodes on it. I saw that when we were at the video store on Sunday.

Sal: Is this the penultimate disc, then?

Husband Mike: Yep. [Pauses.] I love the word penultimate. But how come no one ever issues a penultimatum?


The Pants Rant

It’s official: I hate pants.

Last week contained a long stretch of subzero days. So did the week before. Heeeey, week before that, too. (And it’s getting kinda OLD, Minnesota, any chance you could knock it the eff off?) I don’t have far to walk in the bitter, biting, soul-disintegrating cold, but after a certain number of snot-freezing days in a row, I give up. I tire of dealing with the freezing knees and breeze-tickled ladyparts that come part and parcel with winter skirt wearage. After a certain number of snot-freezers in a row, I will resort to pants. Silk long underwear and heavy duty pants-pants.