A Sad, Telling Quote

“I’ve never met a woman who loves her own body. Ever.”
~L’Wren Scott, via InStyle

Her clientele and fans included SJP, Nicole Kidman, Penélope Cruz, and Renée Zellweger – a list that encompasses women sporting big, medium, and small boobs, women with curves and sans curves, tall and short women, ivory- and carmel-skinned women, and women with hair colors and styles of all varieties. Scott knew and worked with “elite” bodies of all conformations, and none of them were happy with how they looked. READ MORE

Feline interlude: NAMED

I’m off to Chicago for the weekend. Agenda items include:

+ Drag the ‘rents to see Mike Doughty at Taste of Randolph Street
+ Partake of the Custer Street Fair, which I haven’t attended in AGES, but which was the event of the summer when I was wee
+ Eat myself into a coma, preferably at Edwardo’s
+ Visit Leigh Ann (my beloved shoe pimp) at the Bucktown Fluevog store
+ Finally see Indiana Jones, which I assume will suck, but is the only movie all 4 of us are willing to see. Perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised! READ MORE

Per Request: Stylish Tattoos

how to choose a tattoo

Here’s a subject that is likely to raise some hackles, and rightly so: what is a stylish tattoo? Are there any that will be acceptable in both the boardroom and the bar? Does it matter? Should you ink yourself up to your heart’s content and the hell with squeamish body-art-conservatives?

Tattoos are permanent, expressive, and highly personal. The clothes you wear broadcast how you feel today, or this week, or this season. The images you have drawn on your skin broadcast information about your inner self every day of your life. So, as you can imagine, people feel strongly about tattoos in general, and their own tattoos in particular. READ MORE