Lovely Links: February 26

Kudos to Mark Fast for using some plus-sized models in his runway show. Raspberries to Mark Fast for giving Crystal Renn an ill-fitting, unflattering dress that made her look like misery embodied.

I realize my birthday is … well, 11 months off, but I sure would like this outfit in its entirety.

Kelly dishes up advice on what to wear when you are large-of-boob. This post is chock-full of shopping resources, my dears!

A love letter to the Walgreens cosmetics section. Seriously, who doesn’t love a little trip to The Greens?

Turns out I still want to bed Christina Hendricks. Although, since she talks in this article about how all the focus on her figure has made her uncomfortable, I feel a little sheepish saying so …

Since we’ve been discussing age-appropriate dressing and skirt length, here’s a snippet on a decidedly INappropriate comment from an ESPN anchor. (The outfit in question.) Thanks to WendyB for the tip.

I’m not the only one who rocks a floor-length skirt. Or a maxi-dress that looks like a floor-length skirt.

An even cheaper way to organize your scarves (Thanks, Patricia!)

College Candy provides a very personal post about helping friends with their disordered eating and a moving interview with a recovering bulimic. Just a reminder that it’s National Eating Disorder Week this week – did anyone volunteer or go to any events? If not, consider adding a comment at The Body Image Project, won’t you?

The Sunday Best asks: Do men get better service in clothing stores?

Some women feel like they won’t be taken seriously in business environments while wearing skirts or dresses. Your thoughts?

Emily has whipped up a great primer on successful sunglass-buying.

Gabourey Sidibe is awesome. Are you aware? (So is Weesha, who posted this quote!)

Turns out we’re all dressing in drag on a daily basis. No, really.

Local Twin Cities musician and spoken-word artist Desdamona has started a campaign called Too Big for My Skin. Check out this gorgeous video and accompanying poem:

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10 Responses to “Lovely Links: February 26”

  1. Who are you Weesha?

    lol I was wondering where this sudden surge of new visits were coming from! Thank you for the link đŸ™‚ I love the too big for your skin video- amazing!!

  2. Erin

    In my field (law), not only are you more likely to be taken seriously when wearing a skirt suit rather than a pants suit, a skirt and hose are mandatory in some courtrooms, strongly encouraged in others, and considered the epitome of professional dress by a majority of women lawyers.

    Pants are less formal. Fine for the office, but I wouldn't wear them to a major event, and I certainly wouldn't wear something less formal when appearing on behalf of a client.

    Interestingly, I find older lawyers are less likely to follow the skirts-only rule than younger ones. I think it's because younger women still are trying to prove they should be taken seriously, while older ones have the experience to prove it.

  3. RGuillory

    I really love your site and your thoughtful commentary and posts on body image. So refreshing to see creativity, fashion, feminism, and a grounded sensibility meeting on such great terms! Wish you were near me so I could invite you to a dinner party.

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