Lovely Links: 11/21/14

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Just a normal day at Chez McGraw. Simon has a packing tape moustache, Harriet’s in a box, and my DVD of “Pitch Perfect” is on the dining room table for no reason at all.

Any other locals attending I AM MPLS or its new sister event I AM ST. PAUL? I’ll be there for the former at First Ave on December 4!

The best tall boots for bunions, thanks to the Barking Dog Shoes team.

“So, as weapons go, a tutu carries as much punch as, well, tulle, but being double-bound, double-loud in my style does makes me feel protected. It’s my childish scream into the clockwork street – I AM NOT YOU! DON’T MAKE ME!”

Lots of retailers offer plus sizes on their websites only, but it turns out Old Navy has several other discriminatory practices, including up-charging for plus-sized jeans for women but charging the same price for men regardless of size. (Via Capitol Hill Style)

Lexy looks smokin’ hot in her vintage cropped red suede jacket.

A reminder from Thick Dumpling Skin and Henri Matisse about the loveliness of women’s bodies. No Photoshop necessary. (Not safe for work viewing.)

Calvin Klein used a size 10 model in a recent underwear campaign. This interview with model Myla Dalbesio includes some interesting points about how the modeling industry still harbors some bizarre and unhealthy ideas about size.

Like Aya, I love, love, love thrifting handmade, one-of-a-kind clothes. The dress she nabbed is stunning.

Do check out #feministprincessbride for a marriage of two wonderful things. (A response to this ridiculousness.)

Andrea finds the most amazing designers. This week, painterly clutches from Tiff Manuell.

On the Fox 9 Buzz this week, we talked about making chunky knits work. And I poked fun at The Row.

CUT for EVANS is a collection born from competition between design students from Nottingham Trent and Kingston University. Two winners, Eve Turley and Ellie Northway, won the £1,000 cash prize and the opportunity to have EVANS include their pieces into the capsule collection.

Poodletail sent me this article about uniforms and decision fatigue. Definitely the perfect route for some, but not all.

Currently obsessed with cowl-neck tunics. I bought this one from Target last year and promptly shrunk it. Now it is reserved for lounge/home wear. I shall not shrink my new one! Also ogling this cool exposed-seam cowl tunic.

Such a marvelous mash-up of elements: Leather skinnies, floppy hat, Breton top, and oversized vest. LOVE.

Anjelica Huston interviewed Lauren Hutton. The two have been friends for decades, and chat about modeling, Diana Vreeland, feminism, and more. (Via That’s Not My Age)

Fairly sure mine would turn out clumpy and unwearable, but still intrigued by this DIY glitter pump tutorial.

These 3D-printed dresses will blow your mind. (Curious to see if a better term evolves. “3D printing” doesn’t quite fit since ink is rarely involved.)

How the Internet Talked About Women’s Bodies This Week. Not exactly an uplifting read, but proof that there’s still SO much work to be done.

Bright yellow pumps add a cheeky pop of color to an otherwise neutral mix. Love that sparkly clutch, too.

I laughed out loud several times, startling Harriet: What happens when you finally start wearing the right bra size?

A leopard-print scarf ties together this elegant outfit of camel and black.

I bought this mini set of Tarte Lipsurgence tints and glosses and am having ALL OF THE FUN trying new colors. The matte ones are surprisingly lovely on.

Huge thanks to my friends at Lee Jeans for this fabulous feature on their blog!

Is plus-sized minimalism possible? Allison responds with a resounding, “Yes.”

And from the Department of Random: Eight West Coasters try classic Minnesota foods. HILARIOUSLY.

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8 Responses to “Lovely Links: 11/21/14”

  1. Meg

    I have a real issue with most of the articles like “The Science of Simplicity.” Invariably they reference the same three men as being proponents of this kind of extreme simplicity, and high powered, high authority men at that. These articles are written without consideration of the societal and cultural reasons that makes simplicity acceptable in these rarefied examples. Men have a uniform that is socially acceptable in most situations. Their daily wardrobe decisions are hugely fewer than women because culture would not comment on a business man wearing the same suit every day of the week. Culture would, and does, comment on what public women wear on a daily basis. I doubt they would comment less if that woman wore a black or blue suit exclusively. I hate the idea that women’s dress is commentary in our daily lives, or that I would change my dressing decision based on whether someone would make a comment that I had worn that sweater yesterday, but these same considerations are not true of men in our society. Show me some women who make the same ultra-simplistic choices while living a high profile life.

  2. Courtney Landes

    I find it interesting that the article about uniforms and decision fatigue only talks about me. If they had talked about women, they would have had to address that way that women’s clothing choices are constantly policed. Every article I’ve seen showing women how to build a “work uniform” still has a lot more variety than the outfits this article mentions for men. I’m trying to imagine the reaction if a woman CEO (even in tech) pulled a Jobs or Zuckerberg wardrobe-wise.

  3. Melanie

    Yes, the food video is hilarious! Everything looks yummy except I might have trouble with the fish. And the first photo in The Row, she looks like she is drowning in porridge. I’d wear that – if I got it as a gift. It looks warm. Great show!
    So many cool links here. Of course a huge thank you for including me in in your lineup.

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