Inspired Outfit: Dandy Accents

edwardian style

Aya of the blog Couturgatory has added so many amazing and thoughtful touches to this Edwardian-influenced outfit. Those killer boots, the shirt clips, and that perfectly fitting vest are all stellar. Also love that her tie is a ribbon from a box of chocolates! Check her original post for details about this inspired outfit!

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  • Chris

    I adore this look! She has such a great expression on her face too. Very friendly and welcoming.

  • I love Aya and I’m so sorry you featured this look of hers; she looks wonderful!

  • Her outfit is awesome! I love the vest and chain details.

  • Aya is one of my new favorite bloggers! She has a strong sense of style and her outfits radiate intelligence and playfulness. 🙂

  • Aya

    “What on earth is going on with my blogger stats? … OH.”

    Whee! Thank you so much for the linking, Sally. 😀 You are the very first style blog I ever read, and the way I met Gracey and so many wonderful others and started a blog myself!

    • Of course! So glad to have connected with you, Aya!

  • I knew Aya before she got famous… She’ll have to start charging for autographs now. 🙂

    • Aya

      You were the first person who bumped me Ally! I got to meet so many people through you.

  • Hurray! I love Aya’s style and am thrilled she is getting some exposure here!