How to Knot a Blouse at the Waist

I’ve become extremely fond of gathering up my buton-front shirts and blouses and knotting them at the waist. You’ve seen me do this approximately 70 trillion times since spring, I believe. And I had a couple of folks ask for some tips for how to make this work, so I whipped up a video!

Requisite list of things I forgot to mention in the video itself:

  • I don’t do this with pants, so I can’t offer much advice there. But I believe that on some body shapes, knotting lower on the torso will work beautifully. (If you knot as high as I do, you’ll need some taaaalllllll pants.)
  • This technique also works with dresses. See?
  • Finally shirts and blouses with some stretch/spandex will generally knot better and hug the body a bit closer.

And now, on with the show!

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  • I really enjoy your videos, Sal – you’ve got a great teaching voice!

  • Naomi

    Completely unrelated to style or blouse-knotting — you have a beautiful voice, Sal!

    • Aimee C

      Agreed! I just realized in this video that you have a cute Minnesota accent.

      • Sal

        Hahaha! I do? I guess that might be a natural progression … I’ve lived here for 12 years!

  • lovely post, and lovely blog girl!

    love, rach.–

  • Bekka

    Thanks for this! It’s never occurred to me to fold the back of the shirt under to prevent bunching, this is great!

  • MM

    I think you’d have better luck shooting these demos inside. Also, edit them, rather than just 1 long take. Your explanation is very clear, when the camera moves in on the blouse, the demo makes sense. And you’re very animated on camera, which is great.

    • Sal

      This is the first one I’ve shot outside!

      • Litenarata

        I think for a short video like this that editing is unnecessary. When people do that in short videos, it’s jarring and unnatural.

  • Chris


    Wonderful voice and presence in front of the camera!


  • Oooh I like your voice! I don’t normally like American accents much, but I like yours. Thank you for the video, because I would not have thought of doing this. Now I have to try it!

  • Chris

    Sal’s a natural! She can be a talk show host, documentary filmmaker, actor, news anchor, university lecturer, whatever she’d like. She has such a strong and pleasant voice, perfect timing and delivery, and looks beautiful, comfortable, and confident in front of the camera.


  • Joy

    If you will always put the top tail OVER the bottom tail on the second knot, you will get a lot better knot, and the tails will stay sideways.